You will prepare and submit a term paper on David Coles Interview with Dr. Franciszcek Piper. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length.

The truth has to be in the middle of Holocaust experts and revisionists. The problem is the historical facts can be questioned due to the circumstances of the last days of World War II.If revisionists want to change the way history is remembered, picking and choosing facts to attack is not an option. To convince the general public, much fewer experts, Mr. Cole would have to look at Auschwitz as a whole. He focused all of his attention on Auschwitz I. Eye witness accounts (which he totally dismisses) and camp records show that Auschwitz I was not made of solely Jews.

Political prisoners and privileged prisoners were housed in this camp. Auschwitz-Birkenau was the place most eyewitnesses reported gassings. These gas chambers and crematoriums were destroyed as the Germans retreated from the Russians. Mr. Cole only briefly mentioned the destroyed remains and solid proof at this camp. If the goal was to find proof that gas chambers did not exist, why did Mr. Cole not explore this avenue more?The truth lies in the middle. Mr. Cole wants irrefutable proof now about Auschwitz.

That is impossible due to the fact Russia controlled the area until the collapse of communism. Why not research the records of the time that do exist? Too many questions linger to conclude that the gas chambers did not exist.