You have just started with Foil Magic, and you received a call today from Human Resources Canada inquiring about a separation slip for a former employee. You are required to check and see if this has been done, and if not you will prepare one and have it in the mail today.

After going though the files you discover that a separation slip hasn’t been issued. Below follows the information you have gathered.

Company Name:

Foil Magic

123 Wand Street

Kingston, Ontario

K7M 9C4


Pay Period: Bi-Weekly​Business Number  10622 2568 RP0001


James Payne

D.O.B. April 16, 1972

SIN: 453 652 258

Date Hired Feb 9, 20XX

Last day worked May 13, 20XX​Position: Maintenance


Week ending Feb 20 ​hours​28​gross wages​$336.00

Week ending Mar 5​hours ​32​gross wages​$384.00

Week ending Mar 19​hours ​25​gross wages​$300.00

Week ending April 2​hours ​33​gross wages​$396.00

Week ending April 16​hours ​22​gross wages​$264.00

Week ending April 30​hours​40​gross wages​$480.00

Week ending May 14​hours ​17​gross wages​$204.00


a) Calculate any vacation pay that may be owing to Mr. James Payne. (No vacation pay has been paid to him at anytime during his employment)

b) Prepare a separation slip for Mr. James Payne, assume that all stat holiday payments have been made correctly.