Write a speech outline for me And the topic is

to persuade helping the HIV patient in Africa.(relating the commuinty/serivces)

I upload the example of the outline. Please follow the instruction. The requirement in attachments.

Write a speech outline
Persuasive Presentation: Topics Due: Fri day, March 3 on Isidore Full Sentence Preparation Outlines Due: Wednes day , March 22 (in class and on Isidore) Speaking Outlines Due: Immediately Following Presentation (can be no longer than two pages and cannot include any full sentences, unless directly quoting a source) Presentation Days: Wednes day , March 22 Fri day , March 24 Mon day , Ma rch 27 Time Limit: 5 minutes long. There is a thirty (30) second grace period on either end of that time mark within which you will not be penalized. For every thirty (30) second period outside of that grace period you will be penalized five (5) points on your speech grade up to a maximum of thirty (30) points. For example, if your speech runs 4:29 then you will have your grade for the presentation reduced by five (5) points, and if the speech goes 6:01 then you will be penalized ten (10) points, and so on. The only official time is kept by the instructor and it begins the moment you start speaking. The instructor can cut your presentation off in the interests of time, in which case you will receive a time penalty as appropriate and no credit for portions of the presentation you did not c omplete Source Requirement: For this speech you are required to use at least five (5) credible. If you fail to use the appropriate number of acceptable sources you may be penalized twenty (20) points on your speech grade. Additionally, using websites such as Wikipedia, About.com, AskJeeves, or other such online encyclopedias will result in an automatic zero (0) for the speech grade. Finally, although encouraged, interviews, personal correspondence, atlases, dictionaries and encyclopedias do not count toward your total number of sources — though they must be listed in the bibliography and properly cited within the outline. Topic: In this presentation you will present and advocate for your position on an issue related to a question about “community/servi ce” to the class . You must make a coherent logical argument for why your position should be adopted by the class. Your topics must be submitted in the form of a specific purpose statement, not a phrase or title and must be completed through Isidore. If they are not submitted on time then you will receive a five (5) point penalty on the assignment grade for each day late. The purpose of this assignment is to begin our dialogue as a class by stating our own perspectives on this complicated and controvers ial issue in a civil manner to each other. Persuasive Presentation Evaluation Sheet Speaker: _____________________________________ Section #:______________ Topic: _______________________________________ Date: __________________ Introduction ____ / 1 0 Gained att ention and interest ____ Established credibility and goodwill ____ Introduced topic clearly ____ Previewed body of speech ____ Transition to body ____ Body ____ / 30 Adheres to a ssignment directions ____ Clear organizational pattern ____ Ar guments clear ____ Arguments well supported ____ Clear persuasive elements (ethos, pathos, logos) ____ Quality of supporting materials ____ Cite sources properly ____ Related topic to the audience ___ Transitions ____ Conclusion ____ / 10 Signaled ending ____ Summary of main points ____ Clincher ____ Physical Delivery ____ / 1 0 Posture (no swaying, moving back and forth, etc.) ____ Eye contact ____ Appearance ____ Appropriate gestures ____ Vocal Delivery ____ / 1 0 Volume ____ Controlled vocalized pauses ____ Language (appropriate, interesting, etc.) ____ Pace/Fluency ____ Vocal Variety (tone, pitch, etc) ____ Extemporaneous delivery style ____ Visual Aid ____ / 10 Explained as needed _____ Professionally displayed (aids verbal component, visual appeal)_____ Integrated into presentation _____ Outline ____ / 20 Full sentence outline typed and organiz ed in designated format ____ Speaking outline typed and adheres to extemporaneous style ____ Works cited in proper format ____ Attributed sources with in outline properly ____ Time: ____________ Time penalty (if applicable): _______ Other comments: Total Grade: _________ / 100 Letter Grade: ________