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Write a 1,000-word minimum essay in which you analyze a print or television advertisement
Essay #3 Analyzing an Advertisement Context: When you write, whether you’re trying to persuade, entertain, or inform, you engage with an audience; therefore, you need to learn how to tailor your writing to meet your particular audience’s interests and needs. To help you practice that skill, this first assignment will direct your attention to advertising: a field which depends upon persuading a target audience. In addition, it will provide practice in analysis of visual forms, critical thinking skills, and formulating a thesis. Assignment: Write a 1,000-word minimum essay in which you analyze a print or television advertisement of your choice. Briefly describe the ad, explain what it is selling and to whom, but focus most of your paper on how the advertisement uses the rhetorical strategies of persuasion (the Greek triangle). Your thesis should be an evaluation of the advertisement’s effectiveness or ineffectiveness based on its use of the three elements of the Greek triangle (logos, pathos, and ethos). If you use a vintage ad, you should also discuss its historical and cultural context (kairos). You should also point out at least one logical fallacy, exaggerated use of pathos, OR misuse of ethos (often all referred to as fallacies). Your goal is to explain the ad in a way that would not be obvious to someone else who saw it. These issues are discussed and explained in “Strategies in Persuasion,” the textbook reading I have posted in Moodle under the “Essay Project 3” banner. You may also wish to review the PowerPoint we discussed in class, which is also on Moodle under the same banner. You must choose a REAL advertisement or commercial, and NOT a fake advertisement. (If you do your research online, you’ll find many fake ads and commercials that are parodies or satires; don’t be fooled.) When in doubt, it’s better to choose a different ad. In addition, make sure you understand the product or service the ad is selling as well as the target audience. To support your thesis (which will relate to your ad’s effectiveness or ineffectiveness), consider the following: What are the goals and purpose of this advertisement? Is it attempting to persuade this audience to take action, or is it attempting to influence the way this audience perceives the advertiser? Who is the advertisement’s intended audience? Why do you believe the ad is aimed toward this particular audience? What are the assumptions the advertiser is making about its particular audience? How does the advertiser structure its appeals to reach this particular audience? What is the literal meaning of the images in the ad? How is the audience expected to interpret these images in the context of the accompanying text?? Is there something particular about the image’s point-of-view, composition, or tone that forces the audience to interpret it in a specific way? Is there a symbolic or metaphorical meaning to these images? If a television ad, is there something significant about the editing, pacing, and movement of these images? How do the images utilize logos, ethos, and pathos to persuade the target audience? What is the significance of the ad’s text, or the TV commercial’s sound elements (music, dialogue, voice over, or sound effects)? Is there something particular about the text or sound elements that forces the audience to interpret them in a specific way? Is there a symbolic or metaphorical meaning to the text or sound elements? How do the text or sound elements utilize logos, ethos, and pathos to persuade the target audience? In attempting to persuade its audience through logos, ethos, and pathos, does the ad or TV commercial contain any fallacies? How would you describe these fallacies? Please note: You must attach a copy of your advertisement to your final draft of your paper. No paper will be accepted without a copy of the actual original advertisement. If you use a TV ad, please include a link to the website where you found the ad in your “References” list. Required elements: Your advertisement must be carefully described so that a person who cannot see the ad would be able to visualize it and understand your analysis clearly. Your essay must have a thesis statement in which you analyze how the advertisement uses logos, pathos, and ethos (at least two of three) to sell its specific product to its targeted group. You may mention the fallacies in your thesis or not, as long as you analyze one or more fallacies in the body of your essay. Your paper must be a minimum of 1000 words, and may be more. You must turn in a copy of the original print advertisement. (Instructions to follow). Your paper should include a References list that lists the ad. You may use other sources, but they cannot be sources that analyze the ad you are using. How to cite advertisements and TV commercials on your References list Print advertisement reference listing (if one found the ad in an actual print magazine). Evian Water (2004, May). Be happy naked [Advertisement]. Newsweek, 11(3), 22. Online advertisement reference listing (if one found the ad online, but had no information about where it originally appeared). Evian Water (n.d.) Be happy naked [Advertisement]. Retrieved from http://as1020fall.pbworks.com/w/page/5016064/H2O%3A%20Menage%20a%20trois Youtube TV commercial reference listing GEICO Insurance. (2013, May 22). GEICO hump day camel commercial – happier than a camel on Wednesday. [Video File]. Retrieved from http://youtu.be/kWBhP0EQ1lA. WRIT 100 Grading Sheet Essay #3, Ad Analysis Student Name: Disclaimer: This grading sheet is a guide that I use for two purposes: 1) to help me grade your essay fairly, and 2) to help you learn how to improve your essay. Please understand that this is not an exact system; your grade is based on my overall, final judgment Superior best possible A Good minor flaws B Passes but needs major improve-mentsC No pass D Fails F Introduction & Thesis 10% The introduction engages readers’ interest. Ad is clearly and thoroughly described so that readers who may not have access to the ad can easily visualize it. The essay has a main point (a debatable thesis) stated at the end of the introduction and answering the prompt in the assignment sheet. Support/ Content 30% You include significant details in the ad which a casual reader might miss. You argue convincingly about how the advertiser uses logos, ethos, and pathos to sell to the target audience. Ideas are backed up with specific examples. The reader can understand your ideas easily. Your ideas and claims are specific, rather than vague. There is no ambiguity, confusion, or contradictions. Examples of logos, ethos, and pathos are introduced very specifically. Structure 10% The paper is organized and seems to follow an outline. Paragraphs are presented in a logical order so the reader can easily understand the writer’s meaning. Each paragraph is unified and sticks to one topic. Transitions create a clear flow between sentences and paragraphs. Overall clarity and style 20% The reader can understand all sentences clearly. No sentences are awkward or confusing. The writing is concise and not too wordy or repetitious. The style is neither overly formal nor too casual. Slang is avoided. You choose precise, specific words rather than vague language. Your writing style contains few extraneous words, repetition, or wordiness. Sentences are varied and not “choppy.” Grammar & punctuation* 20% Essay contains no run-ons, comma splices, fragments, pronoun problems, capitalization, and other grammatical errors. There are no misspelled words. Essay has been properly proofread. APA Format 10% Essay uses template on Moodle. Citations are correct and use proper APA style for both in-text citations and References list at the end. Please note that this category is about citing properly. Failure to cite most sources will result in a zero! If box is checked, your paper has been downgraded because it does not meet the minimum page requirements. Your essay should be approximately 1000 words, or 3-1/2 to 4 pages. If box is checked, I am requiring you to take a revised copy of this paper to the Writing Center for an in-person appointment. 1. Revise your paper according to my comments.2. Take this new, revised paper to the Writing Center, along with your revision. The tutor can help you make further revisions and polish your paper further. 3. Revise your paper again based on your meeting with the tutor, and turn in this polished paper to me. If box is checked, I am not accepting your essay because you have not cited your sources. Additional comments Grade