This is very easy if you have the textbook Everyone’s An Author. This 11 quizzes are fill-in-the-blank questions, multiple question, true or false, and short essay.

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Work with Everyone’s An Author
Everyone’s An Author. Chapter 19-20 In this quiz, you will be challenged to answer a series of questions regarding the readings in Everyone’s An Author. A discussion of the _____, an ____ of your specific ________, an explanation of why you’re ,in the, a ______ plan, a _______ 2. An annotated bibliography should have complete bibliographic information. True or false 3. An annotated bibliography should have a short ________ of each work. 4. In an annotated bibliography, there should be _____ comments, some indication of how each source will inform your _______ , and there should also be _______. 5. In this exercise, you will write an annotated bibliography entry on the supplied source. You should include a proper citation, along with a paragraph (at least 100 words) with the charateristic features listed on pages 377-378 of Everyone’s An Author. You may also consult the supplied reference materials from the lesson as well. ・Write an annotated bibliography entry for this text: “Chapter Nineteen: Writing a Project Proposal” in Everyone’s An Author. Everyone’s An Author. Chapter 20 6. How can quotation marks aid in keyword searches? a. can be used to search for an exact phrase. b. allows you to search for multiple forms of a word c. allows you to refine search by combining key words d. allows you to combine searches in a more complex way. 7. You should use a reliable, speedy browser when searching the internet. True or False 8. In your reading, it discusses many different types of sources that you could use in your research for the fan fiction project. What type of source do you believe you will use? Write a short response (100 words) listing out the different sources or approaches that might help you in your search. 9. On page 250 in your textbook, it lists various aspects of the rhetorical situation you should be aware of when writing a review. In order, these are ________, ________, ________, ________, ________, ________, 10. What are the characteristic features of a review? [Hint: pg. 234] Everyone’s An Author. Chapter 34 11. When critiquing someone else’s writer, you should respond as a _______, not a _______. It is also helpful to _______ your comments. You should also search for _______ and maintain a _______and ______ tone.