This is a 4-5 paragraph (600-800 word) Essay Assignment in which you will structure an essay as an argument using your own experience and observations as evidence; give yourself enough time to thoroughly complete the Writing Process.


: For this essay, you will pick one of the following topics. Keep in mind that you are only focusing on the causes (the reasons why) or the effects (the results or outcome) about the topic. Do not attempt to provide both within your body paragraphs (though you can address the other in the intro or the conclusion paragraph IF it reinforces your argument. Again, you are only choosing one of the following and you must stick to the causes or the effects, depending on which topic you pick:

Option 1: Many people believe television is a bad thing for children. However, television can offer some advantages. What are these



television offer children?

Option 2: Social media (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat or if you want to consider dating sites, you can; just be specific in your essay) has become an intricate part of the lives for young adults (people ranging from 16-35). However, this isn’t necessarily a good thing. What

negative effects

have social media sites had on young adults?

Option 3: Compared to other people around the world, most people can see that Americans are larger, particularly in body weight. What are some of the

causes of obesity

in Americans?

Option 4: Many people today question why today’s children are disrespectful and have so many behavioral problems. What


caregivers (the parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/older siblings… anyone who is raising children)

to stop disciplining


Make sure your Essay #3 has the proper heading according to MLA standards, that you used Times New Roman and 12 point font, that your margins are 1 inch, and that you have double spaced, paginated, indented, and aligned correctly.  Use the directions on Canvas (look for the documents about MLA formatting).  Save your paper as an RTF, and name the file with your last name, your first name, and the assignment name.  For example, YourNameEssayThree.