create an argument about the relevance or importance (or lack thereof) of the American Dream. You are required to quote from or refer to at least two of the readings from class, but you can also use your own experiences and beliefs.

Questions for consideration: these are designed to help you think about your argument, but you are not required to answer all of them (or, even, any of them).

What is the American Dream? (Having a working definition of this will be very helpful.)

Was the American Dream ever possible, or has it always been a myth? If it was possible, is it possible now? If not, what factors have changed?

What role does idealism and/or American exceptionalism play in the American Dream?

Does the American Dream ignore the fact that huge portions of the American population live in poverty?

Why is the American Dream such a powerful concept in America? (Michael Moore discusses this in his film.)

Special Note: You are required to quote directly from at least two of the readings and use those quotations as evidence towards your argument. These quotations must be properly cited in MLA format. Learning to use quotations from texts and MLA are requirements for this course.