Topic for the analysis and research report : Mobile Home Property Developer and Manager


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Check the attachments for previous workshop submission and the peer review before starting your work please . This a developing marketing report and analysis on the same topic over the course of multiple workshops.  There is also a draft template attached for your reference.

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Workshop title : Revised Final Proposal – Product Differentiation and Positioning

The process of peer review strengthens a presentation by having another qualified person analyze the same data and then review your work. You originally drafted the product differentiation and positioning section of the consultant’s report. In the last module, a peer provided a different and alternative perspective, conclusion, and/or recommendation using independent research and analysis. In this module, you will now strengthen your initial draft by integrating the alternative from your peer into your revised final draft that will be submitted to the client.

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

  • Create product development strategies and market demand estimates.
  • Assess the market structure to determine the crucial factors influencing the marketing strategy
  • Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  • This is your revised final draft of the product differentiation and positioning section of your consultant’s report. It is based on what you posted in 1.3 and on your peer’s comments and response posted for your benefit in 2.2.
  • Your revised final report must integrate your peer’s alternative analysis or recommendation as an alternative perspective as part of your final report. You must either accept your peer’s perspective as a replacement to your initial proposal based on adequate credible theory and current marketing practice to accept it or you must provide adequate credible theory and current marketing practice to reject it. If you accept it as the correct analysis or recommendation, then the peer alternative will become the primary focus of your final paper, and your original analysis and/or recommendation will be noted as an alternative perspective that you have rebutted through cited research. If you do not accept the alternative, then you only need to discuss it as an alternative and provide objective and qualified reasons to reject it.
  • Use these seven titles from the Market Analysis Report Template to create seven sections for this part of the consultant’s report:

    1. Current annual sales volume in dollars and/or units sold in the market
    2. Current competitors and their offerings, including points of differentiation for each offering indicating how they are positioned to each other in the market
    3. Current price points of competitors
    4. Projected overall market growth rate for the next five years
    5. Projected changes to overall pricing in the market for the next five years
    6. Recommended position and points of differentiation for the JGJ Inc. offering
    7. Complete buyer profile of the target customer
  • The body of your paper (i.e. excluding title page, graphics, appendices, and references page) must be 1300 words (+/- 50 words). In the event that your peer did not provide feedback, your length must be 1000 words (+/- 0 words) and you will not be penalized for not including the missing feedback.
  • You must use, cite, and reference at least five credible sources not provided in the course documents, plus at least one source provided in the course documents.
  • Your paper must be submitted as a Word document.
  • Your paper must be formatted to current APA standards including title page, body of the paper, citations, headings, graphics, appendices, and references page. (See OCLS APA Writing Styles Guides)

Topic for the analysis and research report : Mobile Home Property Developer and Manager I DO NOT WANT PAPERS ON ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE TOPIC SPECIFIED ABOVE!! If you are unclear with any instruction,
Mobile Home Property Developer and Manager Market Analysis Report Executive Summary The report aims at looking into the most effective strategy that can be used by a home property developer to analyze the current nature of the market so that to maximize on the number of clients that the organization will hold. There are reports that have been made currently to look into the current nature of the market and its growth rate which can be achieved by looking at the past trends of the property market development. According to Reonomy in the year (2018), there is a high demand on the home property and at the same time, various home developer companies have taken notice on the development which means that they invested large sums of money together with strategies of winning the market. Some of the most effective market strategies that the company can use to capture clients include the following. The first strategy is to check on the product price policies so that to ensure that they achieve the set goal according to the company’s objectives. The company should also assess its target market so that to ensure the right clients have been captured. It is important for the company to differentiate itself from other similar companies through developing its own brand which can be easily recognized by the customers. Another strategy is to use a common design on the products that are delivered to the clients. (Woon & Suki, 2020). The last strategy is ensuring that there is a motivated sales force which will work hard to reach out to a large number of customers within the target market. It is also important to check on the product prices so that to ensure that the organization presents the best quality within a realistic price that will be better than what all other companies are offering. It can include giving warrants to on the developed products. Product positioning Product positioning is a term that is used to define the level of a product when compared to other similar products in the market. It helps an investor to understand what changes can be made so that to improve the product hence making it more competitive when compared to others in a similar market. The nature of the market is always changing and if the market analysis team within the company does not assess what changes should be made, then there is a high probability that the company will be faced by setbacks hence losing its share in the market. Analysis of the current positioning in the Market Before the pandemic period early in 2019, people were involved in job opportunities that involved settling in different parts of the country. This contributed to the growth of the home market as people needed places to settle. The current leading company is the Cooperative which holds a market of Duplex with a market of $1,951,389 which is followed by Multi Family which holds a market of $1,507,734. There are other players in the market who are working towards improving the nature of their products so that to reach out to a larger number of clients. The organization currently holds a market of $200,100. This means that there are other companies which are still dominating the market and JGJ Inc. has a lot of improvement and changes to make so that to meet the demand of market. (Reonomy. 2018) Projections of the market Due to increasing rate of globalization, people are opting to use simple home solutions as they depend on short term settlement options before moving to their next job opportunities. This has led to a positive growth of the general product market which means that companies should set up strategies of capturing the increasing market. JGJ Inc. has put in place marketing strategies that have helped it to hold its current position. However, other marketing strategies should be considered which should target on developing more sustainable goals hence helping it to compete for the projected high market. (Chari, 2019) On the pricing of the services for the next five years, there is a high likelihood that the value of the housing will keep on increasing because of the demand and the economic growth in the country. Recommended Position for Inc. The first recommendation is that JGJ Inc. should consider creating a brand that will be different from what other mobile home providers can offer. This can involve coming with designs that will differentiate their products from what other competitors are offering to their clients. Through this, potential clients will be able to identify and pick the services hence leading to the growth of the company. The next strategy is to come up with strategies of motivating the marketing term which will push the team to reach out to a larger number of clients. (Key & Czaplewski, 2017). It can involve offering them a higher commission than what other companies would be willing to offer hence attracting and retaining the most qualified team into the marketing department. It is important to consider giving better services to frequent clients so that to capture a long-term market of the clients. If they are offered the best services, it means that they will not opt to seek for the mobile services from another company. An example is renting the houses at a discount to those who have rented them over a period of five years. The quality of the products should also be considered. This can be accomplished through reducing the prices of the products and at the same time ensuring that they are of the preferred quality. This can include a one-year warrant for the products. However, the prices should not affect the profit margin of the company. Buyer profile The products should target customers who are seeking for mobile home services especially those who work in different regions from time to time. The services should be reliable enough to the clients so that to ensure that it can reach out to them regardless of their location. The products offered should also be flexible so that to meet their expectations. References Reonomy. (2018, Feb, 10th). Investing in Mobile Home Parks: Why you should be investing in Mobile Home Parks. Reonomy. Woon, S. L., & Suki, N. M. (2020). Strengthening the Marketing Strategies for the Traditional Property Developer in Malaysia. Global Business Management Review, 12(1), 89-110. Morgan, N. A., Whitler, K. A., Feng, H., & Chari, S. (2019). Research in marketing strategy. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 47(1), 4-29. Key, T. M., & Czaplewski, A. J. (2017). Upstream social marketing strategy: An integrated marketing communications approach. Business Horizons, 60(3), 325-333.
Topic for the analysis and research report : Mobile Home Property Developer and Manager I DO NOT WANT PAPERS ON ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE TOPIC SPECIFIED ABOVE!! If you are unclear with any instruction,
here is my recommendation for their assigned category. Being in the property dealing enterprise, you may immensely advantage from actual property software improvement which offers to put returns rapidly. Your enterprise might get to provide good-sized right listings in a completely attractive manner, visually. You have a smooth attain to the clients all alongside the day, regionally in addition to internationally, capable of keep notable manipulate over the webpage content material and get hold off on the spontaneous messages and notifications for short follow-up (Muhamad, 2017). As the arena is shrinking with digitalization, the whole lot is to be had in a click. You need dresses, shoes, medicines, groceries, books, or maybe salon services; from not anything to something for the whole lot we’ve got cellular applications. Following the trends, subsequent within the line of recognition is actual property cellular app improvement. If you’re a realtor who’s searching ahead to taking their enterprise over the virtual body then you definitely would love to do not forget those blessings too. Following are the suggestions for the application: Having cellular software is green and gives facts associated with all of the components of the belongings is important. There are some functions that your actual property cellular app improvement corporation might want to the cognizance of. We proportion right here some functions that might be an outstanding part of your actual property cellular software. Geo-Location Tagging: This characteristic is pretty vital for interactive Real Estate cellular app improvement because it permits the app customers to discover close-by residences. The geolocation characteristic within the app leverages the GeoTag or GPS vicinity of a telephone making the vicinity-primarily based totally residence searching feasible for customers, the usage of the smartphones GPS. It permits them to see the residences or houses on the market close to their modern vicinity in actual time on a map. Mortgage Calculator: It is pretty understood that it slow is simply treasured and with the simple and smooth-to-use calculator supplied within the app, it receives handy for the customers to discover what they could manage to pay for through getting estimation in their month-to-month loan payment (Muhamad, 2017). The loan mortgage calculator, which is easy and accurate, permits them to calculate new residence buy and refinance and loads greater. Heat Map: Heat Maps are a smooth and amusing manner to discover your dream residence. It’s an ultra-modern and progressive fashion of belongings looking, with special colorings and icons depicting special components. These maps provide a simpler and manner greater yielding fashion of looking for your preferred belongings. These maps are designed with the goal to provide you with complete actual property facts in 1/2 of the time, consequently providing greater scope for real webpage visits & discussions. Its many functions consist of looking as in keeping with the budget, ownership date, belongings type, close-by locations, etc (Sarkam, 2016). References Muhamad, N.S.  (2017), “Property Developer applications”, Vol. 25 Part 2, pp. 129-320. Sarkam, S.F. (2016), “Venturing into mobile app business: Real-estate”, Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, Vol. 25 No. 6. 
Topic for the analysis and research report : Mobile Home Property Developer and Manager I DO NOT WANT PAPERS ON ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE TOPIC SPECIFIED ABOVE!! If you are unclear with any instruction,
Industry Name Your Name Class Number Date (NOTE: The title page will be included with each section of your paper to identify the author to the instructor.) Market Analysis Report: Name of Market Executive Summary (Note: this appears first but is written last in workshop 6; 300 words) Positioning and Differentiation Definition of Positioning (100 words) Brief (one paragraph) description of the market (100-150 words) Analysis of Current Positioning in the Market Current annual sales volume in dollars and/or units sold in the market Current competitors and their offerings, including points of differentiation for each offering indicating how they are positioned to each other in the market Current price points of competitors Projections for the Market Projected overall market growth rate for the next five years Projected changes to overall pricing in the market for the next five years Recommended Position for JGJ Inc. Recommended position and points of differentiation for the JGJ Inc. offering Complete buyer profile of the target customer References Product Development and Market Demand Product Development Key differentiating characteristics of the offering Analysis of demand in the market Market Segment Demand Quantitative data used to determine projected demand Methodology used to determine demand References Internal and External Marketing Environments Analysis of Key External Factors in the Market Porter’s five forces model Other macroenvironmental external factors Required Internal Resources and Competencies to Compete in the Market Required Licenses, Patents, and Rulings or Legal Requirements to Compete in the Market References Pricing, Promotion, and Distribution Channels Analysis of Current Pricing Models in the Market Analysis of Current Promotional Models in the Market Analysis of Current Distribution Models in the Market Recommended Pricing Strategy for JGJ Inc. Recommended Promotional Strategy for JGJ Inc. Recommended Distribution Strategy for JGJ Inc. References
Topic for the analysis and research report : Mobile Home Property Developer and Manager I DO NOT WANT PAPERS ON ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE TOPIC SPECIFIED ABOVE!! If you are unclear with any instruction,
7 Mobile Home Property Developer and Manager. Introduction Due to the changing trends in the modern world, mobile homes are taking over the trend of trends as they offer better shelter than the tents which face such risks as being blown away by the wind while people are in enjoying their time. This is an indication that the mobile home development business would be burgeoning in the future are a purging rate than ever thought. With the developments done in the mobile home development recently, like the creation of the mobile homes that won’t have to be demolished after some time is one of the innovative practices in the field and also a reason behind the prospects that this business is going to be a hotcake over the coming decades or even five years (Bell & Hollows, 2007). The increase in the popularity of these kinds of houses is due to the emergence of the vocational culture in the western nations especially in the USA and most of the parts of the USA where people embrace the culture of vacations during the different seasons of the years. Also due to their ability to accommodate almost all of the seasons of the regions of the USA, Asia, Europe and even Australia, they are what most of the people are going for. Mobile homes of the epoch are more durable and according to most of their developers confirm their being permanent and don’t just have to be used or treated as temporary homes but could be used permanently by those who cannot manage the cost of developing real and permanent homes. This paper is, therefore an analysis of the mobile homes developing and management market in not a specific region of the world but most of the analysis would be coming from the USA region. There are future prospects of the market, a conclusion stemming from the analysis of the past and current financial trends of the industry (Greco, 2017). Due to the fact that the market is growing due to its profitability, many entrepreneurs have emerged and thus forming a competitive landscape which is analyzed by this paper. There are more other elements surrounding this market, which this paper analyses including and not limited to current price points of the competitors in this field as well as the buyer profile of this market specifically. A keen economist looking at this final paper realizes that the information presented in this paper is worth presenting to the impeding investors. Current Annual Sales in This Market Tech Money Market Size: $6bn Business Number of Businesses: 3,187 Poll Average Industry Profit Margin: 13%  supervisor account Industry Employment: 10,922 The above data for the mobile home market is a reflection of the entire market of the particular industry specifically for the USA (Sutter & Simmons, 2010). The market size has grown tremendously over the past five years and from the above, it is seen to stand at the $6 billion mark. The number of the competitors in the USA market only is alarming and this has been growing steadily over the past years with an annualized growth rate of over 8%. Due to the increasingly growing demand in this market, this growth rate of the market threatens to remain steady of increase at a gradual level and this slow growth is due to the invasion of the covid19 pandemic which has caused many business organizations to tread in the path of restructuring, which attracts more costs on the side of the businesses undergoing the process. Competitors According to some studies, those mobile home manufactures featuring in this paper are treated as the most competitive or that have been rated as the best dealers in the market. As from the above analysis, the USA only has over 3000 players in the market. That said, this paper takes the interest of space to only mention a few of them. Cavco industries are featuring as the top most providers in the USA with an annual sale of over $120 million. The profile of this company is that they are only limited to the provision of mobile homes only. Another competitive company in this market is Fleetwood Homes of Texas, whose annual income in terms of USD is over 250 million and this is according to a reliable online source which has profiles of the companies in this industry. Also, according to the profile of this company, they are dealing in only homes and no other business provision unless stated otherwise in their coming financial statements. Fairmont Homes is another competitive USA based company in this field with a lower annual income of about 100 million USD to 200 million USD. Their profile is quite competitive than for the other companies as this company is providing extensive services to its customers including homes that are mobile as well as motor. Together with the motor and mobile homes, the company is also providing custom trailers as well as recreational vehicle services to its customers (Smith, 1976). Tracing its debut back in the year 1971, the progress of the company could be concluded as being competitive while also basing on the extensive nature of the company’s service provision profile. Competition in this field with endless companies rising into fame with their competitive goods and services while maintaining their main profile as mobile home providers. Projected Changes in the Overall Pricing of the Industry It is undeniable that there are prospects for increasing the future pricing of the manufactured mobile homes in the coming future and this is a judgement arrived at from the projections in the growth of the industry up to the year 2027. According to the analyses of the market, it is expected that the future market value goes to the value of $38,848 from a value $27,188 million. One of the attributing reasons behind this projection is the increase in demand for the mobile homes which always comes handy with the increase in prices for the prices of the goods on the market. The recommended differentiation products for the JGJ are majoring in the foods industry as they are currently doing due to the impending unhealthy competition in the mobile home industry which would be a stressed to the start-up companies. Consumer Profile Age: Young parents Location: USA Hobbies: Vacation, sports, hiking Job title: Employed Income: $ 10000 Purchasing habits: On store purchasing Goals or motivations: Not so ambitious References Bell, D., & Hollows, J. (2007). Mobile homes. Space and Culture, 10(1), 22-39. Greco, D. (2017). Cognitive mobile homes. Mind, 126(501), 93-121. Sutter, D., & Simmons, K. M. (2010). Tornado fatalities and mobile homes in the United States. Natural Hazards, 53(1), 125-137. Smith, R. A. (1976). An Analysis of Black Occupancy of Mobile Homes. Journal of the American Institute of Planners, 42(4), 410-418.