This assignment contains four seprate questions. Please respond with 2 to 3 paragraph for each question.  Please provide one to two citation and references for each questions.



Some managers focus on the bottom line, meaning net income. This week, please discuss some of the potential problems associated with such a myopic view. Give an historical example of a business or manager that suffered from excessively focusing on profits for either the company or themselves. While it is entirely possible that students will duplicate examples in identifying potential problems, please do not duplicate the historical examples. For example, if student A discusses problem P using example ABC, Inc., and student B also discusses problem P, student B should be using an example other than ABC, Inc.


Find an article that discusses the European debt crisis in the context of government bonds. In your posting this week, briefly review the article (in four or five sentences) and then comment on how the article relates to bonds.


If you were a value investor, you would be someone searching for undervalued stock by analyzing firms financial data and forming an estimate of the true value of their stock. Present a problem that might arise in adopting a value-investing strategy


Use an online resource, such as Yahoo! Finance, and identify two firms one with a beta more than 1.5 and another with a beta of less than 0.7. Please do not duplicate firms that have already been chosen by a fellow student. To help prevent duplication, please note your chosen firms in the title of your posting. Report your findings to the class by naming the firms and their betas, describing their products, and explaining why you believe the beta seems predictable (or perhaps not predictable) for the firms chosen.