Q1. The partners of the Blue Tooth Partnership agree to liquidate. After all liabilities of $100,000 are paid, the capital account balances are: Wong $80000; Winslow, $ 70,000; and Peters, ($4000). Peters agrees to pay $4000, in cash to settle his deficiency. Prepare the journal entries required to end the partnership. ( please ans the ques in detail)

Q2. William and Christie from a partnership by investing $60,000 and $40,000 respectively. Their partnership agreement stipulates that William will receive an annual salary allowance of $6,000 and both partners will receive an interest allowance of 10% on the capital investment. Any profit remaining is to be allocated 60% to William, and 40% to Christie. Profit for their first year of operations is $40,000. Prepare the entry to clear Income Summary.