Using evidence from the text, answer the following in a well developed, unified, coherent 600-800 word essay (with intro, body, and conclusion). Use proper MLA parenthetical citations and a Works Cited list.

Choose your evidence:

For each body paragraph, choose one or two quotes that you plan to incorporate to support your idea.


Discuss how at least three of the following writers meet the criteria of The New Negro as Locke characterized him.(only consider and use evidences from the writings given. You don’t have to cover all could be one writing from each 3 authors will be chosen.)

  • Claude McKay

  • All poems in anthology

  • Jean Toomer

  • Cane Chapters Karintha-Blood-Burning Moon

  • Zora Neale Hurston

  • “Sweat”
  • “Characteristics of Negro Expression”

  • Langston Hughes

  • All of his poems
  • “The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain

NOTE: The link to alain locke’s “The New Negro” will be posted under this note. Beside that any writing listed can be found online. If any problem occurs please let me know.