please help me finish two questions,I can’t get the same cash flow figures.

The following information has been taken from the accounts of Juno Led for last year and the yearbefore last :"JUNO LIDSummary of the statement of comprehensive incomeVEEL O`GLOVE LEVELSales572505Cost of sales300270Gross profit272235Interest expense( 5)( 4 )Other expenses ( including depreciation )( 80 )( 75 )Profit187156Depreciation charged in arriving at profit5547Inventory held at the end of period3127Accounts receivable at the end of period24JWAccounts payable at the end of period15Using the above information , prepare for Juno Led 🙁 2 ) a statement of cash flows fromom operations( b) a statement which reconciles the profit with the cash flow from operations