tyou should use this Required textbook : Rothwell, J.D. (2016). In mixed company: Small group communication (9th ed.). Fort Worth, TX: Harcourt

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Test is to be typed, double spaced. Plan for a page @ question (1 page s250 wards). Make sure to use appropriate grammar and spelling Proof read before submitting. Make sure to include references Including our textbook, You must answer all questions on test. Each question is worth 5 points (4 questions 20)  1) Discuss in detail one aspect of group theory and use your group and group project as an example. Comment on the importance of this group topic to your group project. How would you enhance your group work and group project based on the material from your textbook. What suggestions would you make regarding your project as a group exercise?  2) compare and contrast a positive with a negative group climate. What are the characteristics of each? What effect does the climate have on members of the group in each case? What effect does it have on the social and the task process?  3) Discuss how issues of culture, gender, and status affect the way a person communicates nonverbally in a group and how others might interpret or misinterpret that communication. use examples to develop your answer.  4) You’ve been asked to teach a workshop on problem solving to a group of High School seniors. You have decided to use the standard Agenda as the model for the workshop. outline the points you think would be most important to cover that workshop and explain why they are crucial to the practice of problem-solving