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I will need one slides have recent statistic of people who use each social media site. critivity and simplity are impportant. you may use the pic I attached if you wish.

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speech outline + powerpoint
Introduction: Hi everyone. My name is Hassan. I am going to talk about social media advantages and disadvantages. most of the people take the advantages and stay connected with their friends, and informed about every breaking news. Statistic This is recent statistic of number of people who use social media site.  The first and main advantage of the social media is connectivity. Regardless of the location you can connect with anyone to learn and share your thoughts or even special events in your life with everyone you know. Information Spreads Incredibly Fast (stay informed)Another advantage is you can stay informed about Breaking news and other important information. so You can easily update your information from the latest happenings around in the world because information can spread around really fast on social media sites. Marketing: Another advantage of Social media its quickly becoming one of the most important marketing strategy. It is one of the most cost-efficient marketing methods is being used nowadays. its dramatically improve company’s sales, customer service, and increase audience number. Disadvantages Communication The use of the social media sites has led to poor communication. Some people prefer to be in isolated places so they can participate in the social media sites. This lead to people do not have the time for physical communications which lead to poor communication skills. Privacy and safety Social media platforms also increase the risk of losing our privacy. Lots of information have been shared in social media sites. Like Birthday days of birth, their religious political views and their current place of work or study in public. this information might misused to cause damage to another person. For example, I know a friend who share his travel trip and tags the people with him in the trip and his account was public in Instagram. His house got stolen the following day. Also, there is huge amounts of data collected by social media sites stored in databases and may be hacked and leaked. Health: There is also another problem that is related to health when it comes to the use of the social media sites. Studies have found out that there are many people who find themselves addicted to the social media sites they do not have the time to do any other physical activities which can develop to another health problem like gaining weight due to lack of physical activity. According to research has proved that majority of the users of the social media sites rely on their computers and smart phones for a long period of time. While they using the sites, they are also exposed to harmful lights from computers and smart phones screens which can negatively effect their eyes. In conclusion, despite the fact that social media platforms have enabled people to connect easily and efficient way for marketing; they have also brought about many negatives effects such as lack of privacy, lack of physical activity, poor communication skills and many more negative effects. This clearly shows that the social media has brought harm than good to the people.