For Chapter 7:  Facing Death:  Living with Life-Threatening Illness , discuss two of the six questions below.  In your submission, identify by number which questions you are answering.

  1. Identify the financial, personal, social, and psychological costs of life-threatening illness.

  2. Describe the possible reactions of the patient, friends, and family to news of a life-threatening diagnosis.

  3. Compare the four patterns of family interaction identified by Glaser and Strauss and analyze the pros and cons of each.

  4. Assess the comparative benefits of surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy in treating cancer and describe how each functions to eradicate cancer cells.

  5. Contrast two patterns of dying trajectories and design, for each, methods of helping a loved one who has a life-threatening illness.

  6. Differentiate the social role of dying patients from that of patients who anticipate recovery.