Select a weight loss program or product. It can be either over-the-counter or prescription. Research this product and describe your results as your response to this discussion. In your response, include the following information in a numbered list;

1. The name of the product.

2. What is the cost of the product?

3. Is there a brochure, pamphlet, or any written instructions with the product?

4. What is the recommended intake or dosage? Is there a ‘prescribed course’ for taking

5. List the first 4 ingredients and the amounts shown on the product label.

6. What is the product “claim” or “promise?”

7. What precautions, contraindications, or warnings are stated on the product?

8. List the exercise guidelines/recommendations that are presented with the product.

9. List the nutrition guidelines/recommendations that are presented with the product.

10. Do you know anyone who took this product? What was their experience?

11. Is there anything unusual about this product?

12. Would you recommend this product/program? Why or why not?

Please write your post in the numbered format as above. Answer questions in complete sentences.

In a discussion such as this one, it is absolutely critical to show your sources of Information. Make sure to properly format your discussion post with respect to in-text citations and the reference list. A

A few suggestions:

. Read Chapter 15 in your textbook first.

. In your answer to #2, make sure you find cost per dosage for/and the course).

. Do some research and describe how this product is thought to work. What is the active ingredient? (In case the first 4 are fillers)

.In your answer to #7, give a summary. Do not simply copy all the text from the package insert.

.Be specific in your answer to #10. If you don’t know anybody, look for user reviews and give us some idea.

. Make sure to do some research before answering #11 and #12. Look online for reported adverse effects.

Your Responses:

• Make an ORIGINAL POST using the Guidelines below. You have to provide references to the sources of information you used.