Sea tank holds 1,500,000 gallons of water.

The Aquarium wants your new tank to be a unique design (think composite figures).  Use 5 or more 3 dimensional figures (Rectangular prism, Triangular prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone or sphere) to make this design.  You need to use at least 3 different figures (ex. 2 Rectangular Prisms, 2 cylinders and 1 cone). They also want the volume to be between (1.5 million and 2 million gallons of water).  1 cubic foot is equivalent to 7.48052 gallons of water.

To complete the project

1)  Your tank must have at least 5 figures that make up the entire tank.

2)  Label the dimensions IN FEET.

3)  Calculate the total volume of water (first in feet and then convert to gallons).

4)  Calculate the total surface area (find the quantity of glass needed in feet).

5)  Make a finished project.

a.   The tank should be drawn as well as you can to scale and uploaded to the google form.

b.   Write out the calculations NEATLY and show how you obtained the total volume.

c.   You will submit the dimensions of each composite figure into a google form and submit photos of your work.

d.   You will submit the final calculations for total volume and surface area in the google form including photos of your work.