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if possible) You need to choose

3 Sources only

from the Research Proposal you did for me a while back and Take point form notes on the articles. The Task goes into more detail inside the word document which I attached below. I also included the Sources from my Research Proposal in the document so Just choose 3 of them and do the task which is asked in the file. I’m willing to pay maximum $5 for this since it’s not that much work. And Thanks again for completing my previous assignments, like I said my course is almost finished and my final term essay is coming up, i’ll let you know once I’m ready to post the details about that essay for you.

Research Notes Taking for Dr. Smith Harvey
College English Research Notes Assignment Due: Week 12 by class time via Blackboard Worth: 5% Directions (read carefully): Choose 3 (three) of the research sources you included in your Research Proposal. (Articles or single chapters will be more suitable for this activity than whole books. Use sources from your Proposal if at all possible). For each of the 3 sources, please do the following: Create an APA citation for each of the sources at the beginning of each set of notes (list it at the top of the first page). Make a complete set of point-form notes, thoroughly paraphrasing/summarizing the key information wherever possible (in your own words), and clearly identifying quotations where necessary. For sources that have page numbers, list the page number – in brackets – after each point or quote. For web sources without page numbers, indicate the section in which the bit of data was found – in brackets – at the end of the point or quote [e.g. (FAQ) or (About Us)] At the end of each set of notes, determine what the in-text citation should look like for each source & list it [e.g. (Ali, 2007, p.__) or (Amnesty International, 2014)] A cover page is NOT necessary this time, as you will be submitting via Blackboard. Here are the sources from My Research Proposal, just choose 3 sources and complete the task which is asked above. Bibliography from Research Proposal: Bright, A. (2014, October 22). Ottawa parliament shooting: what are Canada’s gun laws? Christian Science Monitor. Web. Mar. 5, 2017. Retrieved from Dube, R. Cook. (3 Jan. 2006). Canada struggles to deal with increasing gun-related violence. USA Today. (p.06A). Web. Mar. 5, 2017. Retrieved from  Overton, I. (16 Apr. 2016). Canada Has a Gun Problem – and Here’s Why. The Globe and Mail, Web. Mar. 5, 2017. Retrieved from U.S.’s new steps on gun control. (2013, August 30). Record [Kitchener, Ontario], p. A8. Web. Mar. 5, 2017. Retrieved from