1- topic

general self efficacy  describe the topic

2 -topic acadmic self efficacy (college )

explain why self efficacy is important in college

Content of Research Proposal Points Abstract (page 2) 2% The abstract is a brief summary of the body of the paper (see https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/). Introduction (from page 3) 2% Introduce problem/issue and provide its background (i.e., literature review). Statement of Problem and Hypotheses 2% State the problem/issue that the researcher wishes to address (i.e., state research question). State hypotheses (i.e., predictions) based on her literature review. Proposed Study 2% Explain in one paragraph what the researcher plans to study and the importance/impact of the study. Describe method (i.e., including potential participants and data collection procedure). Conclusion 1% Illustrate limitations of the study (i.e., questions that may remain unanswered). Annotated Bibliography Select four peer-reviewed articles that describe empirical research conducted on the targeted problem/issue. Note that the content of these articles is to be used in the literature review section of the present document. 2% Adequately summarize the content of each article that is relevant to the targeted problem/issue. Summaries include main purpose of study, methodology and results. 6% Use APA style guidelines to format document. 2% TOTAL 20%