DUE 3/26/17 11:59 PM EASTERN TIME

READ PAGES 1-54 in the novel A Whisper of Angels Literary Journal 1:

Both Nicolas and Henry keep their true feelings hidden from each other for most of this section. What about their society, their friendship, and their individual personalities would make them do that? If they lived in the 21st century do you think they would be more open about their romantic love for each other? Why or why not? **If you pull a quote from A Whisper of Angels or any other sources for other upcoming journals to support your ideas you must create an MLA in-text citation within your journal response. These are what they might look like: For example, “…”(Florido pg #) or Lorber writes, “the quote…”(pg #). If you’re only summarizing a section of the plot in a fiction novel like A Whisper of Angels, you don’t need to create a citation, but if you’re quoting from the text you do. For information from academic and other types of articles you need to create citations when you quote and even if you paraphrase (in your own words) the ideas from the writer.