5 paragraph argumentative essay

Topic: FLINT Water Crisis

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4 pages MLA format


In the essay “Athletic Blacks vs. Smart White,” Gane-McCalla mentions several sports stereotypes, do you think people believe these stereotypes? Why or why not? What sports stereotypes have you observed? Gane-McCalla concludes with “When stereotypes begin to insinuate that certain races have certain characteristics, whether they be positive or negative, they fall into the same racist generalizations that are the root of racism and race-based discrimination” – what is your opinion? Are positive and negative stereotypes equally a problem? In Kane’s essay “Sex Sells Sex, Not Women’s Sports” what does Kane see as the consequences of “hypersexualized images” of female athletes? Kane concentrates on gender stereotypes about women athletes, how do her concerns about the larger effect of these stereotypes compare to Gane-McCalla’s about stereotypes about male athletes? How does stereotyping athletes spill over into every day life?

§   Explain your answers and support with examples from the text in each body paragraph.