Outline 3

Complete the following three requirements for Outline 3. Once you have submitted Outline 3 (through the Outline 3 assignment link), I will attempt to give you feedback within 48 hours (weekends excepted). You can access this feedback by clicking on your (linked) grade in My Grades (click the “My Grades” link on the left-hand toolbar). Once you’ve reviewed my feedback, feel free to message me with any questions you may have. Please wait till you have received my feedback before submitting your final copy of Paper 3.

1.    Clearly state which one of the two choices you will write about for Paper 3. (Reference Paper 3 Assignment in the Handouts folder.)

2.    Write an introduction that is one or two paragraphs long. (Again, reference Paper 3 Assignment.)

a.     Underline or highlight your thesis statement and make sure it meets the bulleted criteria concerning your thesis statement found on Paper 3 Assignment.

b.    Your writing quality should demonstrate revision and editing.

3.    Write topic sentences (not just ideas) for four body paragraphs.

a.     Each topic sentence should have a logical connection to the bulleted criteria concerning body paragraphs found on Paper 3 Assignment.

b.    Write two to three phrases (not sentences) bulleted after each topic sentence showing how you plan to develop the paragraph.