Use the full Final Paper Checklist in the Writing Materials folder Formatting: 1-inch margins, 12-point font (Times New Roman), page numbers, double-spaced (e.g. between sentences and paragraphs, etc.), left justification (not centered or other). Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Submitted via Canvas in a WORD document. A six-page paper (plus cover and reference page(s)). □ Cover page Include one page on each of the following. □ Group’s background. □ Group’s political development and influences that may have affected them. □ Group’s political writings (if any) and / or political contributions or contributions to other fields of study. □ Group’s political achievements (e.g., did the group begin a political trend?). □ Explain where group specifically belongs on the traditional ideological spectrum: radical, liberal, conservative or reactionary. Apply the criteria from readings and lectures: traits (left or right), direction and speed of change. □ Reference page Citations and References □ Minimum of three academic sources from the college databases. □ Fifteen parenthetical citations (NOT SOURCES) in APSA formats throughout the assignment from three academic sources found in the college databases. You may exceed three sources and fifteen citations. □ Proper full references in APSA formats at the end of the paper on a separate page(s). □ Submit as a WORD document. Assignments are allowed to exceed the 5 pages but please do not abuse this privilege.  Final Paper Points Proper introduction and conclusion – 10 points Responsiveness to questions – 50 points Proper citations – 10 points Proper references – 10 points Spelling / grammar / punctuation – 10 points Style / formatting – 10 points 



(Copies available on Canvas)

1. APSA Style Basics

2. APSA Style Manual

3. APSA Source Citation Examples

4. Writing Tips


You must have submitted a paper topic, had it “Approved,” and returned.

You must have submitted a paper outline, had it graded, and returned.

Final papers will not be accepted or graded if either assignment has not been submitted. You
will receive late penalties after the paper deadline until both assignments are submitted.

Final papers will not be accepted if the outline has not been submitted two weeks previously.


Put your name, paper title, class, date, etc. on the cover page.

put your paper title or contact information on the first page again since you already have it on your cover page. Just start writing on the first page of text.


Page numbers. Properly “insert” page numbers.
“manually” put in page numbers.

Page number “1” is on the first page of text
the cover page.

1” inch margins (top, bottom, and sides).

12 point Times New Roman font.

Left justified text (e.g., not center or other).

Double spacing between lines and paragraphs.

Two spaces between each sentence (after a period, question mark, exclamation point or any other punctuation mark ending a sentence).

Acronyms are used the first time a political party or group is mentioned. Use the acronym consistently afterwards. Remember, the acronym for the full name go INSIDE the parentheses the first time you mention them. Don’t use the parentheses afterwards.


5-6 page of text (minimum) as outlined in the syllabus. The cover and Reference pages are not
included as part of the 5 pages.

· Introduction

A ½ page / paragraph
outlining the basic structure
of the paper.

write page long “introductions.”

· Body


Political development and influences

Political writings (if any), political contributions and / or contributions to other fields of


Political achievements

Placement on traditional ideological spectrum (be specific not just “left” or “right” (that

says nothing),

Apply appropriate criteria (direction of change, speed of change, policy goals)

Apply proper left and right traits

· Conclusion

A ½ page / paragraph
reiterating the basic structure
of the paper.

write page long “conclusions.”

No new arguments in the conclusion!!!


· Do not plagiarize your paper (e.g., cutting and pasting your paper from the internet). That is an automatic “0” on the paper.

· Paragraphs

Paragraphs are
4 sentences

Always indent the first sentence of a paragraph.

write page long or longer “paragraphs.”

end sentences with a preposition (e.g., of, from, for).

end paragraphs with a quote (explain its meaning / importance).

Blocked quotes – 4 sentences / lines (minimum), single spaced, and all indented (if this
format is used).

· No “filler!” Do not try to meet the page requirements by using cheap tricks. Format the paper as indicated above.

No unnecessary section or paragraph titles with huge fonts, etc.

No unnecessary inserted spaces between paragraphs, sections, pages, etc.

Avoid using block quotes too frequently (e.g., every page, taking up entire pages, etc.).

· Proofread!

Read your papers aloud to yourself to catch mistakes. How does it “sound?” Good
writing, like a good conversation, “flows.”

Use “Spell check”


3 Sources

Reference material (i.e., encyclopedia)

Historical source (primary or secondary)

Political science journal or periodical (e.g., newspaper or magazine article)

All cited in APSA Format

In-paper citations (parenthetical citations).

Information that is not “common knowledge” must be cited in the paper. Where did you get the information you are relating? Failure to properly cite your sources is plagiarism.

Do not cite any source unless you at minimum have the author (last name) and year.

Cite your sources in APSA parenthetical format.

Use multiple parenthetical citation formats (i.e., more than just one or two).

Author last name (year) → Castañeda (2018)

(Author last name year) → (Castañeda 2018)

Author last name (year), “quote” (page #) → Castañeda (2018), “Quote” (199)

(Author last name year, page #) → (Castañeda 2018, 199)

Do not cite every single sentence and/or use the exact source and citation format for each citation.

Use citation formats with page numbers when using a direct quote.

Do not just put a year at the end of a sentence as a citation.

Do not double punctuate sentences when citing (e.g., using two periods one before and another after the citation).

15 citations in APSA format (minimum).

Incorrect citation formats
: (URL); (Website Name); (Author Full Name); (Encyclopedia Name); (Book Name); (Newspaper Name).

Reference page(s) (Not “Works Cited” or “Bibliography”)

APSA format as in the class exercise. See APSA Source Citation Examples handout.

Completely separate page(s)) from written text.

your sources are listed on this page.

by author.

Each individual source is
single spaced
(see handout).

After the first line, the following lines are indented for each individual citation (see

Pay attention to other details: commas, capitalization, punctuation, italics, etc.

Double spaced BETWEEN individual sources.


· Electronic submissions will not be accepted if any of the following are done:

· Assignments cut and pasted into e-mails or Canvas.

· Assignments not submitted via Canvas will receive penalties as if late.

· Electronic submissions are acceptable in Microsoft Word format only.

· The paper must be in one file or it will not be accepted document (i.e., not split up into separate files cover page, text, and reference pages).