Discussion #11: Get that chip out of my head

We have encountered a number of thought experiments throughout the course to help us think about various topics. Philosophers have developed some very creative thought experiments with which to think about free will and responsibility.

  • Evaluate your thoughts on free will for consistency
  • Discuss the relationship between free will and responsibility with your classmates.

Assignment Instruction

Try the activity Get that chip out of my head (Links to an external site.) at philosophyexperiments.com. Answer all of the questions. Read through your results at the end. Then be sure to click on the link at the bottom “becky and the avalanche,” and read it. Click on the link to Boris Huntington’s Chip and read it. Finally, click “analysis” and read it. In two or three paragraphs (100 words or more each) on your results and your thoughts the cases presented (due Wednesday).