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persuasive syntheses
My sources Nour Esmaeel AB #2 & #3 AB #4 & 5 Source 2: Cedar, Cheryl. “Native American Language Bill Introduced in Senate.” American Indian Report, Jan. 2014, p. Cedar (2014) reports on the progress and the process of passing of the Native American language bill for the purpose of preservation namely the Native Language Immersion Student Achievement Act. This article provides a federal law aspect of the promotion Native American languages by highlighting the role of the federal government. And this will help me in my paper to discuss native American langue and its importance. Source 3: Gustafson, Louise, et al. Northern Cheyenne Follow through Program, Serving Children on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Southeastern Montana. Number 3 in a Series of Evaluative Studies of Indian Educational Programs. 01 Jan. 1975. Gustafson (1975), reports on the progress achieved through the North Cheyenne Follow through programs over the years between 1969-1974.He also highlights on the roles played by the Indians in teaching and management. This article provides a systemic aspect of American Indian education programs by describing the implementation and evaluation of outcomes. This is helpful for my paper to present the useful outcomes of American Indian programs. Source 4: Powers, Kristin M. “An Exploratory Study of Cultural Identity and Culture-Based Educational Programs for Urban American Indian Students (English).” Urban Education vol. 41, no. 1, Jan. 0001, pp. 20-49. 14 March 2017.Powers (2012), investigates the effect of culture-based and universal standard practices of education on American Indian students. The author utilizes a data survey of 240 American Indian students in urban areas. This article also support my topic because, it contributes a primary form of information regarding the experience of recipients of American Indian education programs. Source 5: Ricento, Thomas. “Problems with the ‘Language-As-Resource’ Discourse in the Promotion of Heritage Languages in the U.S.A.” Journal of Sociolinguistics, vol. 9, no. 3, Aug. 2005, pp. 348-368. Ricento (2005), discusses on how heritage languages other than English can be used to promote the social and economic support systems of the minorities by making higher advancements in such programs. This article contributes a policy making perspective to the subject matter while highlighting the role of the government in terms of language spread. And I will be using it in my paper to show the importance of heritage languages. Source 6: Sims, Christine. “Assessing the Language Proficiency of Tribal Heritage Language Learners: Issues and Concerns for American Indian Pueblo Languages.” Current Issues in Language Planning, vol. 9, no. 3, 01 Aug. 2008, pp. 327-343. Sims (2008), illuminates on the perceptions of the American Indian Pueblo communities regarding their experience of tribal language programs. The author also discusses the accompanying social impact.