Read the file that  I have upoalded include my topic and thesis and audiences

then write outline

Create an outline of your paper.  Remember the template from the beginning of the semester and use this as your guide:

1. Title page

2.  Abstract

3.  Introduction–ending with a thesis.

4. Mapping paragraph–this will be especially important in the long paper that you will be writing.  Remember that these points should reflect the main points that show up in the body of your paper.

5. Background–here you can give some background on the topic, especially if it is necessary for your chosen audience.

6. Main arguments–you should have at least two points here, subdivided.  More likely, you will have three to four distinct main points.  At some point within this section, or before this section, you should include a counterargument to your perspective.

7. Conclusion

8. References page.

PLEASE NOTE: For this paper you may use the traditional paper format or you can use subheadings. Please let me know if you would like to use subheadings, which is a format used more in technical writing documents.

Poor Healthcare Management The Need for Approaches to Improve Case Administration and Repayment in the Healthcare System Thesis Statement: The health care system has been challenged with quality issues where various patients complain about increased premiums and unexpected costs. Indeed, there is a need to review the health care system in terms of management and repayment in order to address the shortfalls that arise due to inefficiency and poor quality services. Audience: How does age affect your audience’s perception of the issue? Individuals with an old age tend to suffer from chronic diseases and thus fear to die due poor services since they cannot secure an effective management for their conditions. How does ethnicity affect your audience’s perception of the issue? The audience believes that the prevalence poor healthcare services may result to a disparity in the quality of services and the attention that the minority groups in the society receive regarding medical services. How does race affect your audience’s perception of the issue? Due to poor health care services, it is evident that the healthcare management may result into patient discrimination and prioritization of customers based on the racial backgrounds. How does religion affect your audience’s perception of the issue? It is perceived that due poor health care services, some patients from a particular religion background may be denied the access to specific medical services such as therapy services and medicines. How do economics effect your audience’s perception of the issue? Due to the high cost of medical services, it is perceived that the poor health care management may result into an exaggeration of the cost of medical services thus deny citizens the access to cheap health care services. What sort of political leanings might your audience have and how might this effect your audience’s view of the issue? Since politics influence various aspects in the society, it is believed that corrupt political leaders may take the advantage of poor health care services and employ unqualified medical practitioners thus deteriorating the services provided in such institutions. What sort of preconceptions does your audience have about the issue? The issue of poor health care services in the nation is a critical issue, which may affect the economic growth and development of the country. Do your feel that your audience views the issue favorably/unfavorably and why?  If they don’t know about the issue, why not? The audience views this issue unfavorably since it affects the whole society and may result into the decline of integrity to the growing generation. What level of language will the audience expect/want? The audience expects a medium-level professional language that may allow every individual to comprehend easily. What sort of visuals might the audience want? The audience expects images that show the poor services and how people are suffering due to poor health care services. They also expect graphs that indicate the loss in economic growth due to poor services. How much do you want to inform/persuade this audience? The matter at hand is critical and the audience requires quality and knowledgeable information that will inspire them to make a difference in the society. How do you want your audience to react/act after reading the report? I want my audience to be very skeptical regarding this matter and take the initiative to create awareness to other citizens on the need to improve the health care system.