Need help with my writing homework on An Experience at the Workplace. Write a 1500 word paper answering; For the first time I had been in an advertising agency and I had no clue how it operated. While I was sitting in the lobby a man approached and asked me to follow him. The office was small so it hardly took 20 seconds to get to the room where other office members were sitting and planning out something. I was quickly introduced and asked to take a seat. My job for the first few days was just to observe how other members handled and went about with a project. The company had many clients and different people were assigned different projects. I was involved in a team of 5, including myself, and the team was working on an outdoor shoot. I was explained about the project and it looked very exciting. I was told that it was an ATL activity as the advertisement would be placed on a billboard once completed. It was a car photo shoot and the job was to take a few pictures from a professional camera and by a professional photographer. That was the first time I came across ATL, BTL and some other basic terminologies of advertising. I showed a lot of commitment to understanding what was going on and just within 2 days I was assigned a job. My job was to communicate with the company that provided us the car for the photo shoot, the model who would be driving the car, the hair stylist and the photographer. I was given their phone numbers so that I could stay in touch with them and keep updating them on changes made on the project. I still remember how excited I was just before the night of my first shoot. I had never witnessed anything like this before and I knew it was going to be some experience (Moon, 2004).

I left early for work on the day of the shoot and soon realized it was the kind of day everyone panicked and made sure they all did their part.&nbsp.