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Most Companyr has an opportunity to invest in one of two new projects. Project Y requires a $345,0D0 investment for newmachinery with a five-year life and no salvage value. Project 2 requires a $345,000 investment for new machinery with afour-year life and no salvage value. The two projects yield the following predicted annual results. The company usesstraight-line depreciation, and cash flows occur evenly throughout each year. [PV gf 5,1, F’U‘ of $1, PVA gf $1, and FVA of 51II (Us. appropriate factorial from the tables provided.) Project r .prajeee :2– Sales $325,999 $399,999intense:Direct materials 52,599 37,599Direct labor 25,999 45,999Overhead including depreciation 135,999 135,999Selling and albinistr‘ative expenses 21,999 2?,999Total expenses 289,599 244,599Pretax income 95,599 55,599Income taxes (265} 22,239 14,459 Net income 5 63,229 5 41,929