MBA Research for Strategic Development

i have answer but fail in the exam if you can help me to

MBA Research for Strategic Development i have answer but fail in the exam if you can help me to
Subject: Research for strategic Management Program: MBA Professor: Dr. Dina El Kayaly Deadline: April 9, 202 1 Kindly note that: – Plagiarism (copy and paste from the internet or other resources) should not exceed 20%. – The deliverable should be in Word form . Font type: New Romans and Font Size is 12. – No PDFs will be accepted. Take Home Exam The candidate is asked you to produce a fo rmal proposal of at least 3000 -33 00 words describing the research problem and the report detailing the insights . Your research must achieve the learning outcomes at the standards provided. It must be related to a topic associated with strategic business development. You must prepare a portfolio of evidence which includes all the work completed for the following tasks. Goals: This take -home exam has three goals: ▪ To help develop an effective research plan for the M BA thesis considering the topic, body of knowledge, research questions, sources, potential implications , ..etc. . ▪ To practice working with the Research Proposal needed in academic field ▪ To practice effe ctive academic writing Requirements: Task 1 – Formulate a Research Proposal • Consider and identify a valid area for research to support the strategic development of a business area • Explain the aim, scope and objectives for a chosen area of research • For mulate a specific research proposal • Establish success criteria for the achievement of the research proposal • Prepare a project plan that identifies key milestones and critical pathways. Task 2 Carry out the research using different research methodologies • Complete a review of different literature sources identifying those which are most appropriate for your chosen area of research • Use different research methodologies to gather data from primary and secondary sources. The data must be sufficien t in order to ensure you can make valid conclusions Task 3 – Presentation of Research Findings You must prepare a report that presents all of your research findings. This must be presented in an appropriate format for the target audience. In the report, you must: • Provide a comprehensive explanation of the purpose, methodologies, findings and recommendations. • Reference all sources using a recognized system. • Use the information you have collected to justify conclusions and recommendations. Task 4 – Reflective Log On completion of your research project, you are to prepare a reflective log which contains an evaluation of the skills you used while undertaking t he research. The reflective log must include: • A review of your own skills using personal reflection and feedback. • Recommendations on ways to improve your personal skills while undertaking research. Deliverables ▪ W ord document that includes : Proposal : literature review, research problem, research objectives, research questions , research methodology (desig n, population , sampling , limitation ), timeline Research report include: Design of various data collection tools , conducting research, analysis , conclusion and recommendations Reflective log ▪ Excel sheet containing all quantitative data used Important note: Select a simple topic as the most important issue is to demonstrate the ability to conduct the research and document it in a report. Topics could be: – Assessing customer satisfaction – Assessing employee satisfaction – Effect of employee satisfaction on employee engagement – Customer acceptance towards a new product or service Grade Rubric The assignments submitted by learners must achieve the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by the assessment criteria for the unit. To achieve a me rit or distinction grade, the learners must demonstrate that they have achieved all the criteria set for these grades. Where work for the pass standard is marginal, assessors can take account of any extension work completed by the learners. Each task acco unts for 25% of the grade Task Suggested evidence PASS (50 -55%) Suggested additional evidence MERIT (56 -75) Suggested additional evidence DISTINCTION (76 +) 1 (25%) ▪ The learner will identify one area of research which is linked to the strategic business development. ▪ The learner will need to explain clearly and in detail the research problem and objectives of the research which is to be undertake n. ▪ The learner will create a research proposal with the development of a suitable research question(s) ▪ The learner must design a research plan ▪ The final proposal must be presented in writing and oral (short presentation – 5-10 min) ▪ The learner must produce detailed written justification for the choice of research question showing how it is directly related to an aspect of strategic business development. 2 (25%) ▪ The learner should prepare a sufficient literature review and accurate bibliography in an appropriate referencing format. ▪ Appropriate and relevant information sources must have been considered, ▪ The learner must produce a comprehensive explanation of the reasons for choosing the research methodologies including academic journals, reports, texts and valid online material ▪ The learner will then use research methodologies using primary and secondary sources. 3 (25%) ▪ The learner will present a final written report of 3000 -3300 words and bibliography ▪ The report should be presented in a suitable format and include sufficient evidence to show that the learner has: • applied relevant research methods for the area and type of research undertaken • provided a comprehensive explanation of findings and recommendations • referenced all sources • analyzed the research findings • justified results and conclusions ▪ The learner will be required to answer verbally questions asked by instructor during discussing the proposal. ▪ The learner used number of tools and charts to analyze the data ▪ The learner will produce a written piece of work that analyses how the findings of the research can be used in a specific business context. 4 (25%) ▪ The learner will be required to prepare a reflective log that reviews their own learning in carrying out research investigations ▪ The learner will develop their written work completed and identify and analyses actions for improvement for the future. ▪ The learner will prepare a written plan – this will be a detailed plan with clear specific actions, in timeframes, to show how their skills will be improved for future research. 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