DJCG 200 Position Paper

1. Write a 1500 word essay.

2. A formal outline following APA format must be submitted first either in class or email.

3. Final paper must be submitted to Livetext.

4. Essay should include introduction including a thesis statement that states the position on the issue.

5. Body includes examples that develop the thesis with evidence in each paragraph.

6. Conclusion includes restated thesis, summary, ending, impact, and reflection.

7. You must include a total of 4-6 researched sources. You can use two from the Synthesis paper. You must then incorporate this material in to the paper and cite the sourcescorrectly in the paper. The sources should then be cited correctly using the APA format as a References page.

8. The sources must be from the college library database.

9. Mode is Persuasive. You must take a position on the issue: your are for or against the issue. The paper must convince the reader of the point you are arguing for in the paper. You must prove your thesis.

10. No first person “I” point of view. The paper is in third person pov.

11. How does this connect to freedom, equality, justice, and power? How is it important to society, and how does it affect society? Why is this issue important? What is the impact of this position?