In your Fraud Examination Casebook with Documents textbook, read Case 2: Check Fraud, Debit Card Fraud, and Cash Larceny (pp. 29-45). You will need the following documents for this assignment: Anderson Bank TransactionsCheck/Debit Card Larceny Case, Exercise #1 TemplateAlso, see pp. 155-178 of this textbook for additional copies of documents and other information required to complete this assignment. Requirements: Using the applicable portions of the Excel file (Check/Debit Card Larceny Case Exercise #1 Template), complete the following tasks: Perform a bank reconciliation as of April 1, 2016, using the bank statement for March 2016, the cash receipts journal, and the cash disbursements journal.Compare the front and back of the checks and the deposit slips to the cash receipts and the cash disbursements journal and identify:Checks where the payees do not matchIrregular disbursementsIrregular signaturesReview the deposits:How often and when were the deposits made?Is anything missing from the deposits?How do these deposits relate to the bank reconciliation? Submit your completed Check/Debit Card Larceny Case, Exercise #1 Template Excel file with the answers to the above requirements (included in that Excel file only).