I need some assistance with these assignment. hr managers should be strategic partners not employee advocates Thank you in advance for the help!

Unequivocally, Human Resource Management plays its vital role in goal accomplishment and organizational success because HR managers are solely responsible for recruitment, selection, employee compensation, and fringe benefits, training and skills development and retrenchment. The use of information technology and information systems by businesses has increased over the last 2 decades so that they could attain a competitive edge over their rivals in the same industry. HR personnel, therefore, have to upgrade themselves as well as have to equip their employees to create a strategic fit.

&nbsp. It is worthwhile to mention that employees hired by HR managers then opt to follow organizational policies and to accomplish assigned goals and targets. Therefore, the HR department pays special attention to recruitment and selection. However, if HR managers become strategic planners/partners, they would be able to enhance organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and performance. (Mohrman and Lawler, 2003, pp. 1-3) In addition, they could assist strategic planners in initiating the ‘Change Management process’ and in implementing strategies that could help meeting objectives at a new workplace.

In addition, these HR managers could assist in organizational reengineering or restructuring that in turn will restore competitiveness and will result in survival, business expansion, and sustainability. (Mohrman and Lawler, 2003, pp. 4-6) This paper will critically&nbsp.evaluate the statement that “HR managers should be strategic partners, not employee advocates”. The paper will throw light over the perceived benefits of HR managers becoming strategic business partners. Finally, the paper will present a conclusion based on analysis of arguments raised by Human Resource Management experts and professionals in favor of strategic partnerships.

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