I need at least a 75-word comment for one of my classmate’s discussion post


This course taught me the value of creating an outline before actually writing a draft. This step made the process so much easier for me. I also learned the value of a peer review of my work to catch errors I just can’t see on my own. With regard to my writing skills before the course and now, I am more aware of the need for transitions and hope that is where I have improved. I have a bad habit of listing facts and find that most people have a hard time reading this without the transitions.

My friends at work tell me I am good at relating experiences I had while driving for Uber and have encouraged me to write a blog or even a novel. I don’t know if I’m ready for the novel but I want to try a blog to how people respond to my musings. My goal for professional writing is to be able to present data in a manner acceptable to the layman. I will be entering the computer security field where I may wind up employed as a penetration tester. Someone who attempts to break in to a customer’s computer network and report on the strengths and weaknesses. My third goal, technically my first goal, is to improve my writing skills in order to be more successful in the two goals I listed previously.