Construction process is widely defined and includes construction, renovation and demolition of buildings or infrastructures, above or below ground. It also includes installation, repair, maintenance and dismantling of all services and prefabricated customized components. It includes all the integral preparatory work such as site clearance, foundations, scaffolding and cranes and all the finishing works such as painting, decorating and cleaning. It also includes constructions forming parts of land such as roads, runways, wharves, railways, canals, pipelines, electricity, water and telecommunications pipe work. The construction industry is large in size and significant in the role it plays in the economy.

The construction sector is a vital contributor to the Palestinian economy. The term Construction Sector is defined by Raufast and Callahan (2002) that it refers to the overall building community and consists of: owners, operators, and users; developers, designers, contractors, fabricators, manufacturers and suppliers; regulators, codes and standards organizations, building and fire safety officials, labor, financial organizations, testing laboratories, educational institutions, and research organizations.