Must use Robert Fagle’s translation of Homer, The Odyssey

1500 words, not including work cited page

Must be formated per MLA guidelines

Explanation paper…not a “plot summary” paper

MUST include 3-4 in-text citations per paragraph

Must have original title

Additional directions are attached

Any questions, please send me a direct message.

Homer Odyssey Essay
1) Must be an “Explanation Paper” 2) Assignment: *** The theme to be discussed is “heroic excellence (arete)” *** Discuss an important theme in the Odyssey. Theme, as we’ll talk about in class, is not just a recurring central idea in a work of literature–like homecoming or conversation–but the statement the text seems to be making about that idea. Successful homecoming requires the right inner and outer actions; conversation is a key element in the “education” of Telemachus and Odysseus. 3) Discussing a theme, therefore, means not just identifying it but also revealing what point the text seems to be making about it. That point is your thesis, the focus of your paper. 4) Please Note: When writing and revising your paper, make sure you clearly present the text, follow a logical plan and organizational structure, use accessible language, employ relevant supporting evidence from the text, and cite properly, with in-text citations, according to MLA guidelines. 5) Each body paragraph must include a topic sentence and ensure that the paragraph is centered around that topic sentence. 6) Proper in-text citations for this assignment includes book. followed by a . and then the page numbers. Example: (6.15-16). Book 6. Line numbers 15-16. 7) If any other sources are used, THEY MUST BE CITED CORRECTLY and included on the “work cited” page