Guide to follow

Paper # 1 outline:

I. Introduction

A. Attention-getter: A quote, a short story, a question, a fact.

For example: Twenty five students enrolled in an English 1301 class for May minimester. When they enrolled, they probably had a goal to pass this class. However, according to the statistics and data, on average 33% of students do not finish their first year of college.

B. Background Why? What happened? Did those students who fail or drop out end up with a bad instructor? No – they all had the same instructor. Did the 33% of the unsuccessful students get deathly ill? Hopefully not. Another question is: why other students did just fine? Why were they successful? Did they have something that put them ahead? This is a typical scenario not only for college, but for any job and even any life situation. Some people are more successful than others. And it is not always their superior intellect or family money. Then what? Is possible that successful students exhibit certain traits that set them apart from less successful peers?

C. Thesis/Claim. Use the three-part formula: Self-motivation, self-discipline, time management, and utilization of resources are the four important characteristics of a successful student.

II. Body paragraphs

A. Body paragraph:

1. Topic sentence –

YOUR OWN words

The first critical characteristic for success in college is self-motivation.

2. Explain the topic, provide a little bit more information on the issue for this paragraph, details in the second sentence explain what self-motivation means.

3. Present support, example, illustration

4. Explain the meaning of the support, give your interpretation, explanation, insights, reflections.

5. Present support /example/illustration 2

6. Explain the meaning of the support, give your interpretation, explanation, insights, reflections

7. Close your paragraph by reflecting back on the topic sentence or the thesis of the paper. Provide final insights, overall reflection.

YOUR OWN words