Homework # 1

Write a summary/reaction style paper reviewing Chapter 7 – “The African Struggle for Democracy and Free Markets”; (pages 209-230). Please use 1.5 spacing; 800 word minimum,

As part of the paper, be sure to incorporate an Internet article or YouTube footage on



and write several paragraphs about him. Provide a citation giving the site used.

Homework # 2

The Two Areas for Writing Assignment 2 are:

The Organization of African Unity and the African Union   (pages 241-252)


The U.S, the Soviet Union and Africa  (pages 252-363)


Write a summary/reaction paper on the reading using 1.5 spacing with an 800 word minimum.

Homework # 3

View Mandela: Free At Last (provided on Canvas) and compose a video reflection paper (450 wordminimum).