Read the two essays by Singer and Fraser on p390,397 of the book THE RIVER READER carefully and critically, noting how they are similar and how they differ. Write a well developed, 4 page paper analyzing the ways in which the two writers argue their positions. discuss in your paper the following: audience, writing style/strategies, use of evidence(quotes from the essay). which of the two essays is more convincing/ persuasive to you? why?

Be sure to include well chosen quotes from both essays and format your quotes using MLA style. Your paper should not focus on your opinions on the controversy; you need to analyze and evaluate the writers’ arguement.

here is a liitle background about me: I am a chinese, and I am in a community college 2nd year. so be sure not to use too professional word, keep the essay simple but make sure it follows the instruction above.

here is a link for the book:

you can search the essay on google, its easy to find, one is “equality for animals” by peter singer, and the other is ” why i stopped being a vegetarian” by Laura Fraser.