hi madam, i have asked for your help on a 4page essay in the pass, and I have a similar essay assignment, and dont know if you will be intersting. this is similar to my previous assignment,, and it is a in class writing for time limited only an hour, but now you have a lot of time to write, until the dead line for me. I am thinking for an essay around 2 page. you can choose 2 essay from the book ” the river reader” in either chapter 4 or 6. then write a contrast essay, like the last assignment I asked you, like comparing the similar and the differences between 2 essay,(both writer’s writing story or opinion difference or similarity) also, use some quote from the essay, and note your personal opinion on the thesis statement and the conclusion. and you need to give the essay an title.

because this should be a in class wrting, so dont use to professional vocab, and make some small grammar error. the essay should not be perfect, cause I cant write a perfect essay in class.