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Im gonna upload these 4 question for you.

2) The article “The School-to-Prison” Pipeline: Time to Shut is Down” gives a few examples of students who were charged with crimes due to school’s no tolerance policies. Choose one and explain the situation and reflect on your opinion about it. Fair, unfair?

3) In the commencement speech, Michelle Obama states, “We need to once again fight to educate ourselves and our children like our lives depend on it, because they do” (Obama, p. 291) What does that statement mean in terms of the school-to-prison pipeline and students in urban schools (like those in Pressure Cooker)?  How else does she support this message throughout the speech?

4) In the lesson for the week, we took a look a chart that discusses options to promote better student behavior. Choose one and explain why you feel it will be effective. Please use the chart and one additional resource to support your answer.

5) List two statistics from the videos this week, and discuss their significance. What impression did they leave you? Were you surprised or did this confirm your ideas on the subject?

As you know same article same videos.


(Please use the readings and the notes from class to answer the following short essay answers. These must be in paragraph form and be a minimum of


words for each response. Feel free to use additional sources or multiple articles to support your conclusion on the readings and questions. Use


citations when referring to any text. In-text citations and full citations)

(Also I uploaded chart for question-4.)