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Zhou 1 Peng Zhou Prof. Macias Eng 106B Feb 27, 2017 Love Love is an eternal topic, but what is love? As far as I am concerned, love is the most mystical emotion in our heart which makes us feel happy, satisfied or sad. Love is also the sincere emotion springing from heart as the boiled water spilling out of the kettle. Without love, our life will be gloomy and insignificant; without love, the world is wilderness. Love is as necessary in our life just as the thread in the quilt. Of course, there are a lot of kinds of love, such as parental love, fraternal love, romantic love, and so on. Parental love is the most unselfish and greatest love in the world. We never know the love of parents until we become parents ourselves. I still remember one story about a squab and a hunting dog. While the hunting dog was attacking the squab, the mother bird flew down from the tree without hesitation to protect her baby and the parental love made the dog gave in eventually. Animals can do this, not to speak of us human beings. Our parents gave us life and brought us up; they taught us to be good men and took care of us without any complaint. This is parental love which will protect and support us forever. A true friend is the one who overlooks our failures and tolerates our successes. When we meet difficulties, our friends will never look on with folded arms. This is friendship which is a golden blossom between true friends. It is said that the love story itself is not important; the importance is that one is capable of love. For instance, Jack promised Rose that he would never give her up. Another Zhou 2 example is that Wale tried hard to protect Eve with clumsy behaviors but genuine heart. This is romantic love which is like a rose, bringing us happiness and sorrow. Above all, if life is a quilt, love should be a thread. It can hardly be seen, but it really exists. Without it, life becomes meaningless. First of all, love is put one’s heart and soul into her shoes. If you love someone, you will do everything for her; you will think on her side. You will reject all the temptations that can make you live better, just because you don’t want to hurt her. Secondly, love is forgiveness. No matter what the other one do to you, you will forgive her at last. You won’t treat her eye for eye. Although what she has done hurts you so much, you won’t do the same thing to, because you love her. Thirdly, love is growing old together. The outside word is so colorful, but what you want is to grow old with her together and treasure every minute with her. What’s more, you will leave a place for her forever in your deep heart, even she has passed away. Love is a kind of emotion that everyone has. It is around us. If we pay attention, we will find it. So, do not lose the faith to believe the existence of love. It is the feeling that every can feel by heart. For love, each person’s definition is different, or it can be said that every age group of people, different understanding of love. In his teens, love is like a floating cloud in the sky, pure, beautiful, gestures. That’s eager to love. When we are in twenties, love like a flower cactus, bright, colorful, but from time to time were injured. That’s accepted love. Thirty years old, love like a roadside grass, it’s small, fragile and inconspicuous. Suspicion of love; forty years old, love like overdue bread, dark, rancid, nobody cares. That’s refused to love. After the age of 50, love like a cup of boiled water, it is colorless, tasteless, but pure and transparent. That’s experience love. Zhou 3 Love is actually just a synonym, its existence or does not exist, beautiful or not beautiful, completely depends on everyone’s thinking. Not because of love has been hurt, then do not believe in love. Is the sky floating in the rain, you no longer believed that there will be sunshine later? I remember in an article to see such a sentence: in love, who first moved the situation, which lost. I think it is not perfect, the real love from beginning to end are two things, not to say that a person to pay, another person is to accept love. That kind of situation can only be said to pursue the stage, or is unrequited love. Until the other side to accept you, and willing to pay for you, can be regarded as love. True love, like snow in the plum, proudly branches, colorful! Regarding the term about love, I am in a strange and familiar between, and did not use a hand to touch it. I do not like those in the TV series who have gave up everything for love. Of course, there are too many people in reality. In August last year, I saw in the that a girl about twenty years old, because her boyfriend fell in love with her friends and could not bear to finally chose to jump from a high building, then die. She was painful when she was dedicated to herself as an endless desert, and she was also part of my sympathy. I saw her photos and learned that the girl was so beautiful. But, but have you ever thought that when you jumped from the building on the second floor after your parents your loved ones your friends all care about the people you love you, they will lose you because you are more painful than you, sad. I am sympathetic to her, but helpless. While her other feelings also continue to be more intense, she was really silly. If you try to die with their own boyfriend for their love, then she is really wrong. If you love him, you will want him happy and happy, not to force him to stay with his side. Can you see that you really love him? I am sad for her, for her sad. Zhou 4 In college life, such a thing is a lot of. I do not agree with the practice of falling in love with middle school students. Some students may think that as long as do not affect the study like, the other does not matter. But this classmate, after all, only a very small number, I believe how many will affect the mood. And some students clearly understand puppy love for a healthy body of mind, long learning long knowledge of their own is wrong, but still cannot control their feelings, resulting in the end of regret the end of the end. Unripe apples have bitter astringent, to be mature and then picked down to taste and why not? Love is a constant ancient constant topic, because the injured people are too many. It is true. For the existence of eternal and long-term love, I am speechless. Are those stories of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, Romeo and Juliet really true or just a beautiful and ancient legend? Those who died for the so-called love in their mouths, and to be a lifetime of people, probably only the middle of the students who do not dry milk Mature middle-aged people, as long as they have a trace of faith in love, love and the courage to pay, never favoritism, will never leave all love their own people. They really understand the meaning of love. However, I still like to see the novel in the story of love and twists and turns, like to listen to the ancient legend. After listening and watching, I ever have to fantasy. I believe that the reality of love is far less than the dream of a good dream of romance, eternal. Perhaps, like me a born to break the curse of the people, there are a few of the good? All in all, love cannot eat. In the real society, romantic and beautiful love only in the bread under the conditions of sufficient to be achieved. Among the ten thousand people, can be turned into a butterfly only one or no, and the other is to Moth, cicada or other insects. It gives people too much regret, pain, it does not rule out the happy. It is part of life, it will be in their own hands, maybe one day that ten thousand of the pair of butterflies you and your love is the most beautiful incarnation. Zhou 5 According to Hull, Gary. To love a person is selfish because it means that you value that particular person, that he or she makes your life better, that he or she is an intense source of joy–to you. A “disinterested” love is a contradiction in terms. One cannot be neutral to that which one values. The time, effort and money you spend on behalf of someone you love are not sacrifices, but actions taken because his or her happiness is crucially important to your own. Such actions would constitute sacrifices only if they were done for a stranger–or for an enemy. Those who argue that love demands self-denial must hold the bizarre belief that it makes no personal difference whether your loved one is healthy or sick, feels pleasure or pain, is alive or dead. All related to you are related to her, love means trusting the person I love. If I love you, I trust that you will accept my caring and my love and that you won’t deliberately hurt me. I trust that you will find me attractive, and that you won’t abandon me, I trust the mutual nature of our love. If we trust each other, we are willing to be open to each other and reveal our true selves. Gray, Paul says that biologists and anthropologists assumed that it would be fruitless, even frivolous, to study love’s evolutionary origins, the way it was encoded in our genes or imprinted in our brains. Serious scientists simply assumed that love — and especially Romantic Love — was really all in the head, put there five or six centuries ago when civilized societies first found enough spare time to indulge in flowery prose. The task of writing the book of love was ceded to playwrights, poets and pulp novelists. According to religious beliefs, we are all created in the image of God in His likeness and image. God created us to live life on earth to the fullest. Despite being created by God, we all have our own differences and beliefs. Some believe that love is magical and one can feel it every time he/she sees someone likes to the extent of claiming that they feel butterflies in stomach. Whenever one get’s near someone he or she adores, one tends to sutter in words and gets queasy. Scientist attribute this to hormones. It is hard to believe that the word love has all this power over human beings. Despite imperfections that a person may have, love see them differently. Power of love is great enough to bring gods to their knees. It is a lifetime experience and so much sensation. They say love is sweet, filled with sparkling lights and romantic. When one falls in love with someone, the whole world is forgotten and the only thing that matters is that person. When one knows that he or she is loved, it is always a wonderful feeling. When one falls in love, it is neither a crime nor a mistake. However, if one confesses his or her feelings to another person and get’s rejected, one might think that he or she is alone in a world that has already crashed. It is at that point that love becomes crime and kills one’s spirits. However, one should not drown him or herself in love just because of unique treatment and cared for wholeheartedly. The worst mistake in love is to daydream or assume about what to expect.It only breaks people’s hearts since that expectations may never happen.In love, it is always advisable to be on your own but enjoy the company of people in love with. Life is short and there are no chances of regrets. Love controls everything on this earth. Love has no boundaries or conditions. No one can tell exactly where love came from or what it is. However, we are all nothing without love. Those times when we feel shy and timid or afraid of expressing our feelings tells that we are already in love. Power that makes one to feel afraid of embarrassing another person. People rather focus on using nice presents, smiles little notes and tears at times. Some chose to stay quiet without speaking any word while other times requires speaking to express feelings for others. Impulsiveness is another method used to express love while forgiveness also counts. To sum it up, love is union under the condition of preserving one’s individuality. In love, two beings become one and yet remain two. Zhou 6 Work cited Gray, Paul. “What is Love?.” Time, 141.7 (1993): 46. Hull, Gary. “LOVE & SELFISHNESS; the False View of Love as Selfless and Unconditional Destroys Its Sublime Value.” The Jacksonville Free Press, 18.4 (2004): 4.