Please choose a company for your final project. The final project will be graded on two main elements. First, your ability to write a formal cogent analytical argument in support of your position. Second, the quality and strength of the “Facts” that you utilize in support of your position.

minimum of a Five (5) page “opinion” paper covering some of the bullets bellow.

double spaced using a 12 font.

Please cover most of the following in your paper, remember this is an “opinion” paper, so there are no right or wrong positions. I am looking for creativity and support for your position.

Industry and ethical practices

Competition and who is winning

Marketing Strategy and its effectiveness

Financial strength

Product line and Environmental impact

Treatment of Employees

Equal pay for equal work

Employee Benefits

Good/Bad Leadership

Good/Bad for community

Ability to Design Goods and Services

Ability to Manage Quality

Use these bullets as a guide. Be creative and make sure you take a “POSITION”.