Essay #3 Final Draft

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You know what to do!  Give me your final version of Essay #3 here!  Make it all purty like!

a. Make sure you have fulfilled the length requirement of around four pages, roughly.  Four and a half is better!

b. Have a clear thesis the paper supports throughout…the message that makes your discussion matter to a reader who does not know you.  Don’t let your paper simply be rambling facts and summary…it should be working toward proving a point you wish make!

c. Include descriptive, specific details throughout whenever possible to give more life and realism to your discussion

d. Give quotes from your source material for support/illustration…do not assume that the reader knows anything about the articles you are using, or the novel…you have to provide adequate context and integration of this material, without exploiting this and using unnecessary summarization to bulk up your paper.

e. Make sure things are grammatically and logically flowing.  A LOT of you are turning in papers that are clearly not proofread at all.  All those little red, green, and blue lines that Word puts under your work are not for decoration!  Not that relying on a machine to point out your issues is ideal, either, but many of you are clearly not even going that far with editing and proofreading!