Over the quarter you have encountered technical language associated with logic, critical thinking and composing arguments. Since this is a survey course and covers the topic broadly, we rarely get the chance to dig into some of the topics on a deeper level. For this assignment, choose one topic from the course or directly related to the course and compose a 1-2 page paper regarding the topic. The point of the assignment is to explore a topic in more depth and relay what you have learned in a structured, formal argument or research paper.

Some topic options include but are not limited to:

•Rhetoric (or specified rhetoric ie propaganda, political rhetoric, rhetoric of war, feminist rhetoric, etc.)

•Logical Fallacies (or choose one specific logical fallacy ie, ad hominem, straw man, either or, etc and explore in depth)

•Types of Reasoning

•Rhetorical Appeals (or choose one specific appeal ie ethos (ethics), logos (logic), pathos(emotion)

•External or “packaging” pieces that contribute to a strong argument (ie voice, structure, communication)

•Anything related to any course material/related information you read in the book or in the course

•Anything that extends a discussion post topic in the course

•Anything related to rhetoric or arguments including use in real world situations in any situations such as law, advertising, consumerism

•Anything related to the history of rhetoric such as Aristotle

•Anything related to how rhetoric is demonstrated in your discipline (where do you see the need for arguments in your professional life?)

This is just a springboard for ideas. You are welcome to deviate from this list, but if you are unsure if your topic is related, please touch base with me before writing.

Technical Requirements

•Genre: Research Essay

•Length: 1-2 pages

•Format-Standard APA

•Information Literacy: Ethical research, in text citations, reference page

•Communication: strong grammatical and structural elements

•Organization: clear intro, body, conclusion, transitions, etc.