The topic is HIV among Truck Driver in India ( rural Area)

I need an evaluion paper

Two full pages/ Single Speaced

including these information

The evaluation section is where you conduct an assessment of articles, databases, government documents that show that truck drivers are being infected with HIV at levels that require to do intervention (to be discussed later).

1. Are truck drivers at risk of HIV infection and become carriers into the home of partners?

2. sources to indicate that the truck drivers are a source of spread into other non-infected populations.

3. table or graph, showing the exposure level of the at risk population- Truck Drivers

4. Should provide information to make your claim that this population is at high risk of HIV. You can start doing that by showing the level of HIV infection among sex workers, then show some data showing the estimate of truck drivers that visit these workers. If you have actual articles, papers, or documents showing that truck drivers are indeed infected with HIV then you can use that information to show that the risk is real and they are a population that is at risk of carrying HIV into rural areas as well as family populations where the risk is thought to be very low.