This assignment asks you to research and present a contemporary topic related to ethics and computing.

Your essay should contain a summary of the topic and an analysis of the ethical issues.

Try to form a personal opinion and defend it. Recognize that many of these questions have no universally/absolutely correct answer.

You are encouraged to incorporate your own related experiences.

Use those ethical theories.

Write 2 – 3 pages.

ethical theories : Kantianism, Act tuilitarianism, Rule Utilitarianism, Social contract theory, Virtue ethics

ethical in computing essay
Fake News on the Internet Does Google and Facebook have an obligation to block fake news from their sites? Introduction Summary of what’s to come Point 1 – General Information How Google/Facebook news works Examples my Facebook page during the election people tend to trust Facebook Point 2 – What is fake news and does it matter? Examples of fake news Sites that print lies Sites that mislead readers with “half-truths” Examples of how widespread fake news is We may be able to differentiate between real news and fake news, but what about our relatives and friends whom we speak with? Point 3 – Ethical issues regarding fake news’ existance Do the authors have the right to print lies, even if they know it Would the printing be considered free speech or is it considered libel? What about our friends?  Do they have an obligation to fact-check before sharing? Point 4 – Ethical issues regarding fake news “publishing” on Google/Facebook Does Google/Facebook have an obligation to block fake news from their search algorithms or social media sites? What about Google’s news aggregator?  Should all of the links be fact-checked before it is included in the news feed?