End of Semester Assessment (40% weighting)

Individual Assessment

Personal Ethical Dilemma/Corporate Social Responsibility


The goal of this assignment is to enhance awareness and increase understanding of the nature of ethical dilemmas in the Jamaican, as well as global business environment and to develop critical thinking skills through the application of concepts and theories to solve ethical dilemmas.

The assignment

Students will be required to submit an actual ethical dilemma that they have encountered in a work/school environment and also discuss an issue related to corporate social responsibility. This assignment includes four (4) parts:

Part A – A brief description of the situation, the central issue or dilemma, and the possible options (clearly identify them);

Part B – An appropriate review of literature relating to the topic of ethical dilemma and its application to the situation presented;

Part C – How the dilemma was resolved, including any remaining issues for consideration; and

Part D – Identify a corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity undertaken by a business organisation in Jamaica and expound on the merits to the business of engaging in such an activity.

To respect privacy and the confidentiality of others, students are not required to identify other individuals involved, nor any organization involved in parts A – C. Page 2 of 2


▪This assignment must include an APA formatted 7th edition reference list.

Grading & Rubric

This paper will be graded based upon the clarity, depth & presentation of the issues, professionalism, grammar, neatness and organization.

✓Critical thinking/analysis of the ethical dilemma issue, including review of literature – Parts A – C (40 points)

✓Critical thinking/analysis of the CSR issue, including review of literature – Part D (30 points)

✓Professional writing/communication (20 points)

✓Writing mechanics/accuracy (10 points)

Total 100 points

Academic Integrity

Academic honesty is expected of students. Unauthorized collaboration, falsification of research data, plagiarism and undocumented use of materials from any source constitute academic dishonesty and may be grounds for a grade of ‘F’ in this assignment and/or disciplinary actions.

Deadline for submission: August 4, 2020 (11:59 p.m.)