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`Quotes from the article (no quotes from other resources) [Min:3 quotes Max:4 quotes]

[Maximum two lines of quotes]

`Work Cited page required

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Essay for Ewrt 1A with the correct MLA format
EWrt 1A Essay 2 Analytical: The Gifted Class es Sum1 7 EWrt 1A Sum17 Essay 2 Gifted Classes r6d1 1 Assignment After carefully considering Frances Lefkowitz’s story, “The Gifted Classes,” write a minimum four -page argumentative essay analyzing one or, at most, two of the topics listed below. You can find the story at this magazine’s web site . Use the third -person ( he, she, they ) voice for this essay as we will discuss in class . Explore eith er one or a maximum two of the following topics in your essay:  Does the main character change in how she sees herself and acts after she joins the “gifted” students? How does she change and in what way ?  Do you believe the main character’s efforts to hide h er economic status are successful, or do you believe some students suspect or see through her efforts at disguise? Why?  What do the main character’s history, actions and words suggest regarding her own parents’ actions and how she was brought up by them ? You can discuss how the author uses language in her story only in support of your above chosen topic(s) . In other words, discussing particular word choices, metaphors and other literary devices used by authors for rhetorical or figurative effects cannot be the central topic of your essay . In addition , two document s, one entitled “Analyzing a Character ” an d the other simply “Chara cter ,” are both in the Essay 2 folder on Course Studio and will give you some insights into writing about story characters. However , you may only use those two articles and the short story itsel f in writing your essay; you cannot use any other third -party doc uments, story analyses or story critiques. I am only interested in discovering your own interpretation of the story, not that of others. Structure your essay in the same manner as the earlier essays we completed this semester. Include an introductory parag raph that introduces the issue and focuses the reader’s attention to your thesis statement, a set of body paragraphs with clear and concise topic sentences presenting the detail of your discussion, and a conclusion summarizing your discussion. Requirements Essay # 2 has the following requirements.  Write a minimum four full pages, double -spaced, in 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Please check the syllabus for the definition of a full page.  Include a Works Cited page f ormatted according to the MLA requirements. See p. 2 68 of Lunsford for a model of a correctly formatted MLA Works Cited page. The Works Cited page does not count towards the four -page minimum .  Underline your thesis statement .  You must support your argument s with a minimum of three and a maximum of four quotes from Lefkowitz’s story only . Each quote is limited to a minimum length of eight words and a maximum of two lines of essay text ; otherwise, you will not get credit for meeting the requirement. You must list Lefkowitz’s story on your Works Cited page as an article in an online magazine . See Lunsford ’s model #37 at the top of page 2 43 for the required Works Cited entry format and information to include in the Works Cited list. Y ou must also include correct parenthetical citations for the quotes you use. FYI: the correct name of the magazine for use in the Works Cited entry is the three words EWrt 1A Essay 2 Analytical: The Gifted Class es Sum1 7 EWrt 1A Sum17 Essay 2 Gifted Classes r6d1 2 following the date years in the copyright notice at the very bottom left of the web page.  Refer to the MS Word 2013 Essay Format Instructions in the MLA Format folder on Course Studio and use your MLA template to meet the MLA formatting standard s for your essay . Also, you can s ee Lunsford pp 2 59 – 68 or the sample documents posted in the same Course Studio folder for mod els of the correct document format .  Do not use contractions ( for example: “don’t,” doesn’t ,” “we’re,” “it’s” etc. ) unless the contraction is originally part of any material you are quoting .  Use the third -person point of view (the he , she , they voice), not the first person point of view (the I or we voice). You are supporting a n opinion held by many people rather than simply acting as just one person supporting their own personal opinion.  Employ a clear organization to the essay as we have discussed in class .  Use an introductory paragraph to narrow the reader’s attention from the general topic to your specific thesis statement. Your clear, concise thesis statement acts as the controlling, central idea of your essay.  Create a series of body paragraphs that eac h have clear topic sentences, followed by information, examples, analysis, and a concluding sentence that smoothly transitions to the next paragraph.  Include a concluding paragraph that acts as a brief, high -level summation of the essay material that is a paraphrase (not simply a repetition of the thesis statement words) tying back to the thesis statement. Remember, you do not want to introduce new discussion points in your conclusion.  Follow correct grammar usage. Make sure to spell -check, grammar -check an d proofread your document. Papers showing excessive misspellings or lack of proofreading will greatly lower your grade.  Staple your essay in the upper left corner.  Check your syllabus for other general requirements for essay assignments. Logistics Please n ote the following due dates.  We will have peer review on Mon day , Ju ly 17 . Bring two stapled copies of a full draft, including your Works Cited page. You will use one copy of that draft for peer review and turn in one copy to me. Again, you need to underlin e your thesis statement. Note that you need a complete, minimum four full pages plus Works Cited essay draft that follows the MLA format . Proofread and correct your essay draft prior to peer review. The Works Cited page does not count towards the minimum four full pages. Check your syllabus for other requirements on peer review drafts and remember that not having a full peer review draft will significantly lower your score, thereby your opportunity to pass the class. Missing peer review deducts 20% from you r essay score.  We will be using for this essay, so see the syllabus for instructions. You need to electronically submit the final version to before the start of class on Tuesday , July 18 . When called for at the start of class on t hat day, hand in your essay folder with the two peer review draft s and 2 peer comment sheets in the left -hand folder pocket, and the final essay version alone in the right -hand pocket at the start of class. A EWrt 1A Essay 2 Analytical: The Gifted Class es Sum1 7 EWrt 1A Sum17 Essay 2 Gifted Classes r6d1 3 good idea is to mark “ Draft ” at the top of the first page of the peer review draft only . Grading 175 points towards class total. Some Things to Remember A couple of key points that will help:  You will likely be more successful if you concentrate your discussion on a very limited number of major point s. Pick those you can more fully discuss rather than trying to cover everything in just a shallow manner.  Remember that you must support your points. Writing simple statements does not mean you are effective communicating to your reader; instead, you need to support and explain those points so the reader can both understand and hopefully agree.  I am ready to give you essay help and advice on specific issues when possible during appropriate class time.