Choose one of the subjects below and the article that is listed under it as the topic ofyour paper. Your task is to provide a thorough summary of the article and identify atleast two of the patterns that the author has used to structure his or her essay (i.e.,comparison/contrast, description/narration, exemplification, argument/persuasion,process analysis, division/classification, or cause/effect)Synthesize at least two quotations and two paraphrases into your text and provide anin-text citation. That is, when you quote any words directly or paraphrase an idea, besure to add a parenthetical citation in your text after the quotation or after theparaphrase (If you are using an html rather than a pdf file, you cannot cite any pagenumbers, but do include the author’s name in parentheses.)Remember to provide the full bibliographical information for the source by adding aWorks Cited page at the end of your essay listing the source (or sources) you used.

Social Psychology/CounselingQuinnett, Paul. “QPR: Police Suicide Prevention.” FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, vol. 67, no. 7, July 1998, pp. 19-24. Social Sciences Full Text, d=6d68121d-0868-4862-ab24- 443b9e375dec%40sessionmgr102&hid=103&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl 2ZQ%3d%3d#AN=511068548&db=ssf.