Essay 3: Multimodal Project (15 points) Context: For your essay one, you had to write an objective profile of a fictitious monster, and your essay two required you to respond to the research you found regarding a person, alive or dead. For each essay, your research required you not only to look into the history of a particular culture/monster/person, but also to read their stories. In doing so, you were exposed to multiple genres or “types” of communicating: news articles, peer reviewed articles, blogs, novels, biographies, documentaries, oral traditions, etc., and each genre has their own set of rhetorical “moves.” Assignment: For your final project, you will do two things: –Step 1: Rewrite your essay two using a short story, using the ghost story genre (4-5 pages) –Step 2: Write a rhetorical analysis of your ghost story in which you explain what information you had to change, which details you felt needed embellished, and how/why you made the changes that you did (2-3 pages). Requirements: ● Attend and participate in all workshops, bringing a new draft to each class. For each missed workshop or workshop lacking a new draft, the final grade will decrease by 10% (1.5 points). ● Make use of MLA page settings and citations when/if applicable. ● Write effectively for the genre. Getting Started: Step 1 ● Consider what is expected of the ghost story genre. Then, decide who your audience is (i.e. who do you hope to scare – small children, your parents, classmates, me, or someone else?) ○ Knowing what frightens your audience and what genre features you must use, how can you turn your essay 2 person into a monster? Getting Started: Step 2 ● Record the changes you make and analyze your choices. To analyze is to consider how and why something functions. How and why did you choose to make the changes that you did? What do you hope the result to be? Due Dates: ● March 9th: Rough Drafting ● March 14th: First Draft of Step 1 and Step 2 Due for workshop ● March 16th: Second Draft of Step 1 and Step 2 Due for Workshop ● Finals Week: The final draft and all other drafts will be printed and submitted at the beginning of the class in a folder or envelope with your name on it.

essay 3
MA Chicheng Ma Professor Elisa English 106b 1.30.2016 Vampire in English This essay is about monsters. Monsters usually produce fear and may cause physical harm to people. Monsters also have social, cultural and literary historical information of how they generated. (Cohen, 2007), he studied seven theses with regards to monsters that help understand their culture. In his article, he mentions that there are various types of monsters which include: vampires, aliens, Frankenstein, werewolves, Grendel and the boogeyman. Vampire folklore within the British Isles is surprisingly scarce, this is mainly due to the fact that the contemporary image of a vampire (a charismatic bloodsucker with a black cape, a mesmerising stare, and a penchant for nubile young women; plus an aversion to holy water, garlic and crosses.) is relatively recent, being the result of Hollywood portrayals of vampires, and the gothic Hammer House Horror productions of the 1960’s. The word vampire only came into the English language in 1732, its image developing in fictional works culminating in Bram Stoker’s powerful novel Dracula. The main focus of vampire lore comes from Eastern Europe although variants of the vampire are found throughout the world. The real roots of the vampire are based on a mixture of early beliefs and folklore concerning death, the dead and disease. Vampire isn’t call themselves vampires, and often self-proclaimed Kindred (blood). A man to become a member of The blood clan, first of all should pass at The beginning of “hold” (The parter). That is to say, he must be a blood clan members suck blood, then immediately accept the feeding of blood, blood clan’s variable to become the new blood clan. Early usually brings very strong feelings and mixed with awe and ecstatic mood, after this will make the blood clan never forget. Once become a member of the blood, then obtain “immortality” and “old face”, or a “living dead”. Blood clan is different from those of the human creature, body completely changes in the organization. Blood clan teeth can smoke any longer, although most of the time in order to cover will be hidden. When the blood sucking blood, will use their own way to make the wound healing to cover up the trace. The blood the heart stops beating, but also can control their heart beat, blood flow in the form of diffusion, due to no longer full of blood capillary, so the blood of the skin especially pale. Sometimes, even to cry when weeping blood. Blood clan can make use of blood in the body to heal itself, when hurt, blood will focus on the wound, the wound near radiant with purple, can be well soon. But need to continuously absorb blood, blood clan without eating. When the blood clan hungry, with a strong desire for blood, this intensity of desire, just like human hunger.(Lause 1992) Vampire is a ghost of the body, eyebrows disheveled, palms long hair, graves and coffins for the home, fear of sunlight, often at night from the grave to climb out of the blood of the living, in order to extend their lives. Vampires usually do not use the teeth to bite the victim, but through the pores of the skin to suck blood, vampire damage by the people will become a vampire after death. From the “vampire” rather than “bite the blood” of this feature we can know that the vampire with a pair of sharp teeth is actually fabricated by the author’s image Vampires, through the continuous absorption of fresh blood can only sustain life, when in extreme lack of blood to supplement the case will gradually dry into a mummified state of existence on the state of life, The average life expectancy: 300-800 years or even more physical state: the skin in the year does not accept the sun was gray, through the skin can see the bloodshot eyes in the muscle, the eyes light up Especially in the night, the teeth in highlight benefits of blood-sucking fear of things: ultraviolet, crosses, irritating gas (garlic). Holy water werewolf habits: dark and humid dirt, carnivorous, full moon night will become a werewolf complete type, Usually the average life expectancy of human type 100-300 years of physical condition is no different from ordinary people, the eye was blue. Werewolves state, Body explosion is about 2 times upright walking, wolf appearance and temporary loss of memory was extreme runaway state Attack speed Rising violent and fearless fear of silver products Liquid silver nitrate can make them lose combat effectiveness There are a lot famous movie to describe vampires. “ interview with vampires” is my favorite movie about vampires.(Neil 1994) 18th century Louisiana, the loss of his wife and daughter unbearable manor Louis met the vampire Lester , by its magic into a vampire. Louis feel human nature, do not want to suck blood to kill, by taking the blood of animal life, while Lestat is bent on teaching Louis as a real vampire. In New Orleans, Louis could not resist the temptation to suck the blood of the little girl Claudia, while Lestat disregarded the opposition of Louis to Claudia has become a vampire. Three people formed a peculiar family.Decades later, Claudia began to resent Lestat deprived of his real life, she designed to kill Lester, and Louis traveled the world, living both father and daughter, but also like a lover’s life , Looking for the same, but also looking for their own meaning of existence.In Paris, they met with Amon led by a group of vampires, living in the theater underground, and they live a very different life, Amon gave Louis many teach, want to be Louis New partners, to this end, Louis and Claudia appeared between the cracks, eventually, led to an irreparable tragedy.In 1988, Louis returned to New Orleans, to a young journalist Maloy (Christian Slater decorated) about his own experiences, tells the vampire immortal behind the sadness, but, after listening to Maloy Was deeply attracted to the story of a new vampire, which will begin. A lot of vampire movie describe about loving, this loving between human and vampire. All most people think it is a hard love. Because human can not accept the different culture and different species. A lot of director to tell us that love is great. No one can stop love. People and vampires love will always be accompanied by a lot of obstacles, family opposition, lifestyle differences, others do not understand the love is difficult to be blessed.The directors hope that through this film to express the young people yearning for free love, “Dracula” also is a movie to describe love.This is a grim tricky vampire legend, is also a beautiful, sentimental love story.(Bram 1897) In 1462 AD, the Turkish invasion of Constantinople, and threatening the Christian. Romania general count dracula reimbursing conquests, only to find it at the time of his victory, the rumours were rife in the city, rumours that he had died. His wife, Elizabeth because of the grief and then commit suicide, BanShiHuiChao dracula see only the bodies of his wife. Thus he angry at god, to incarnate into evil, to suck blood continuation of life, become an immortal vampire. Four hundred years later, the story in London in 1897, and strong young lawyer, raw was appointed to Romania, lance vania earthly family castle dracula to go through the formalities of the aristocratic descent property in London. To that end, he will work with his fiancee, and the beautiful, separation. Castle dracula’s hero is has turned into a vampire count dracula, he finds, and Elizabeth amazing alike, think beauty is lisa’s reincarnation. He decided to find beauty, to find the missing piece of true love in four hundred. He will be imprisoned in the castle, take a box of native soil: this is the source of his power, it’s raining all the way to London by ship. His arrival recovery in London the forces of the dark. Vampire bats and Wolf people wake up to London in a mysterious terror. While beauty, always hear a heart in mysterious calling, in fear and with a strong sense of yearning. In the UK, quite a lot of vampire romance film with a side of human nature, show people the pursuit of truth, and desire for freedom. Works cited Cohen, J J., (2007). “Monster culture (seven theses).” Gothic Horror: A Guide for Students and Readers. Neil, J, (1994). Movie :“ interview with vampires” . Stoker, Bram. (1897) “Dracula ”. Chapter 6, Mina Murray’s Journal, 26 July. p. 105.  Lausé, K., (1992). Popular culture: An introductory text. Popular Press. Baumgartner, H. L., & Roger D. (2008). Hosting the monster. Vol. 52. Rodopi. The Vampire Diaries: L’amore Morde: La Quarta Stagione Completa. N.p., n.d. Web. “Vampire Resource” 2017. Feb 21, 2017.